Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Thankful for Scrapbooking!

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My month-long scrapbooking class at Feeling Scrappy Classes ended yesterday and thought I would show you what I did! The class was a sketch class where the design team members provided a sketch and I would then use it as inspiration to create my own page. Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Featured Scrapbooker

Feeling Scrappy
I am this month's Featured Scrapbooker at Feeling Scrappy Classes . It's a scrapbooking blog that has weekly challenges and also offers a four-week technique class every other month. I was shocked and excited all at the same time when I received the email congratulating me of this honor. Check out the fun that we have at Feeling Scrappy!

(You may access the direct link by going to the left-hand side and clicking on "Highlights" or scroll down to mid-page to the Monday, Nov. 16, 2008 entry)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall Acrobatics





I noticed the house was awfully quiet, so I went to see what Forrest and Sadie were up to. They were outside playing in the leaf pile they had made. Forrest would swing off the tree limb while Sadie would give him a big push. He would then let go and fly through the air into the pile. It was so much fun to watch! (Jumping in the leaf pile was soo yesterday!) Sadie, on the other hand, was too short to get the air she needed, but that didn't stop her. Forrest would help her reach the limb and then try to swing her, but he did more pushing than good. The best part about this fall acrobatics is that Forrest and Sadie didn't leave Carhartt and Benny out of the routine! While Sadie racked the leaves back into the pile, Forrest would chase down Benny,our 65 lb. standard poodle, pick him up and then throw him into the leaf pile. It was a sight to see! After Benny, Sadie would throw Carhartt in. Carhartt didn't seem to enjoy it that much, but Benny did!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Have a Coke and a Smile





George has always been into the coke memorabila and when the opportunity came to him to buy a coke machine, he couldn't pass! It's smaller than the average coke machine and was made in the mid 1980's. Doesn't the wood grain siding add character? It needs a little TLC and filling up with coke products (plus a Sundrop or two for me) and it's good to go! George has plans to move it in the carport once it is enclosed in the next month or so. The price is set at forty cents per coke and I'm not sure if George will raise the price or have it remain the same. It guess it will all depends on the economy!
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm Alive!

I'm alive! I survived my surgery last Monday. I arrived home Tuesday evening to begin my recovery. I was doing great until Saturday and had to revisit the hospital. I really appreciate all of your visits, cards, meals and phone calls you have given me this week. As I mentioned before, I have the best family and friends ever. I love you so much!

In other news, George, Forrest and Sadie also survived this past week. They have been very supportive and helpful and have really kept the house up! Not that I doubted them.... Besides taking care of me, they were able to have some fun. On Wednesday, they went to the Halloween festival at church and on Firday, they went trick or treating with our close friends, the Ropers. It was the 14th year trick or treating with them. We began the tradition in 1994, when Forrest was three months old and Cody was two months old.

Sadie receved her eye glasses on Friday. I am such a bad mom. She had been telling me she is having a little bit of trouble seeing for almost a year, but it wasn't enough "nagging" for me to make the appointment or she would remind on the weekend or a time where I couldn't do anything about it. So, I promised her I would make the appointment by the end of the week or I would give her $50.00. Nothing like pressure to get you on track! Sadie realy thought she was going to hit the jackpot. NOT! I made the eye appointment two weeks ago and we foudn out she is a little nearsided. I couldn't believe how many letters she was missing and it made me feel just as little as those letters! I helped her pick out the glasses. She totally looks the role of a teenager. Now I need to learn how to take pictures so that there is no glare from the glasses! Any suggestions?

Again, I want to thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers on our behalf. I will be forever grateful!


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