Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sadie's Turn

Sadie has been asking me for the last six months, "When am I going to get my braces?" I never had an answer to tell her until last Wednesday after her consultation visit with the orthodontist. She doesn't need major work like Forrest did, but it is enough to warrant metal in the form of brackets on her teeth. While Forrest was getting his six week check-up , Sadie and I had the consultation with Dr. Walker (no, we're not related) and it was then I was finally able to tell Sadie, "It's this Tuesday". Her reaction was priceless. She was happy, excited and nervous at the same time. She did really well during the two hour visit on Tuesday and came out wearing a big metal smile on her face. I was able to answer one question and hopefully it will be awhile before I hear her next question of "When am I going to get by braces off?"

Monday, July 20, 2009

Headed to EFY

I beleive this is my earliest post, as it's 4:15am this morning. I take Forrest and four other youth from our ward to Especially For YOuth (EFY) in Bowling Green Kentucky. It's a week long youth conference that really boosts their testimony, values and friendships amoung peers their ages. I'm so excited Forrest is able to go this year. The youth had two yard sales to healp raise the money, but fell really short. Each person costs $415 and we only raised about $650, which comes to $119 each youth. Our Bishop didn't give up hope and wrote to the EFY in Kentucky and told them our situation and they replied, "Send us your youth and your money". What an amazing blessing theyouth received, so here we come!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Challenge

Our Relief Society issued a challenge of reading the Book of Mormon back in June and our family has taken has taken the challenge of reading two chapters a day (and I am also reading it personally.) To help motivate us to press forward and continue in our reading, the sisters were invited to watch John Bytheway's "Heros: Lessons from the Book of Mormon" last night. What an amazing video! Bytheway has such a talent in sharing his testimony and telling stories that keeps his audience's attention and wanting more. I'm so thankful I brought my scriptures so that I was able to follow along. (it also helps my mind not to wonder!) In our last televised Stake COnference in January, Sister Beck challenged use our Book of Mormon as a workbook. I have no problem marking and highlighting in my scriptures and by the time the movie was over, my poor marking pencil was so dull! Lately, I have discovered I'm marking in every chapter I read. I am so happy that our family is reading the Book of Mormon. With everyday that we read, we are increasing our testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and moving closer to our goal of finishing by mid-September.
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Down and Back Again

As my last post said, my purse was stolen last weekend and I was headed back to Troy, Al to make a police report. On Tuesday, we began our journey. I was able to find Troy State University with out any problem and went straight to the campus Police Station. The sergant who took my report was great and after finishing the task we came to do, we celebrated by eating at Ruby Tuesday. When it was time to leave, I wasn't aware I hadn't reversed my directions from the way I came and after traveling over an hour, I realized I wasn't seeing any familar land marks . After we passed an aviation college the sergant had told us about and remembering he also said the beach was only two hours from Troy, I had the feeling we may be going the wrong direction. Luckily, the next exit was a rest stop and it was there I was told we were only 38 miles from the Florida state line and 105 miles from Panama City Beach! When Sadie heard this, she begged me to continue in that direction! We all laughed at our situation and it was then I decided to take our picture to document this adventure was had gotten ourselves in! After getting us back on track and going the right direction towards home, we settled in for theride home. Those six hours passed by very quickly. We talked about everything and anything and more of the same. It was truly the best time I have ever had with my mom and daughter. After being gone for thirteen hours, driving for twleve hours, one police report and 700 miles later, we were home! We can honestly say we drove "down and back again"!

(this trip was the equivalent of driving to my sister's house in Lagrange, Ga twice! Lagrange is located on the right-hand side of the ALbama map above. I'm sure Mary Kate would have loved for us to visit her instead! lol)

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Monday, July 13, 2009

My Purse is GONE!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here with Sadie and I going to camp and and this past weekend George and I chaperoned our youth to Troy State for Youth Conference. It was Forrest's first time and the whole experience was a blast, but the ending wasn't a blast for me-my purse was stolen! I remember putting it in the trunk of the Civic on Friday along wtih my camera so I would'nt have to carry it around with me during the workshops and when I came out an hour or so later, my trunk was opened! All I could think about was my camera. As soon as I noticed it was there, I drove off. It wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I noticed I couldn't find my purse. WHen I went to fill up for gas, it was nowhere to be found. It was then that I remembered that the trunk on the civic wasn't closing correctly when I packed the car and George took care of it and so when I opened the trunk to put my purse and camera in it, I guess it didn't close and so someone helped themselves to my purse! (I'm so thankful my camera wasn't taken. It would take me a over a year to replace it.) They got away with a good amount of cash and my favorite purse! (looks similar to picture, lol) Today I went and closed my bank accounts and opened new ones and renewed my drivers license. BOth sets of keys to my van were in my purse so I will need to get those replaced. They might be expensive because they have a chip in the key and will need to be programed. I still have lots to do to recover my identity. Sadie insisted I call the Social Security office Saturday night when she said, "I do not want to loose my identity at age 12!" She's so funny! I couldn't file a police report over the phone, so my mom and I will make the four hour journey back to Troy State University tomorrow. What a hassle it is to loose something so private and intimate as your purse. I'll be drinking a case of Sundrop tomorrow as I'll be gone for about 12-11 hours. Wish me luck!

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