Sunday, March 30, 2008

A week with Benny





(click on collage for bigger picture)
Even though I was totally against getting another puppy, I do have to admit that Benny has brought so much love to our home. I still haven't much feelings for him yet, but I'm sure over time, he'll grow on me. George has made it top priority to mkae sure Benny is not a burden on me. He involves Forrest and Sadie in on this extreme effort of taking care of all of Benny's needs. Even though my opinion was overlooked in bringing Benny into our family and I had absolutely no say so, I do appreceiate the effort my family is making on my account. The main goal of bringing Benny home is to allow the children to be responsible and accountable. I have to admit I have seen this in both Forrest and Sadie this week without having to ask twice. If this is to be the case, where was Benny the last couple of years? (lol)You should hear George in the morning talking sweet to both Carhartt and Benny. By the way he talks, one would think Benny was his dog!
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Brand New Blog

Technical difficulties have forced me to create a new blog so please bear with me as I transistion. I have absolutely NO idea how my html messed up, but it did. I just got off the phone with a friend from church (who is an engineer and extremely smart) and after an hour of trouble shooting, I just gave up and said it'll be easier and take less time to just create a new blog and post a link to my previous blog for my archives. Once you click on the previous blog, you'll see what went terribly wrong. It really bummed me out. But at least I was able to keep my blog title. Well, almost. At least you do not have to remember a new blog title. It is the same except drop the "s" in the title. As I am customizing my blog, do not forget to delete the "s" in my blog address so that you will come to the new blog of our family. I will also post a link to this new one in case you forget. Change is good, right? Just inconvient at times.

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