Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Haircut!

As you all know, Forrest has had long hair for over two years. George and I had told him a couple of weeks ago that it was time for a trim. He responded by saying, "Mom, will you cut my hair short?" We flipped out! I haven't cut his hair in over two years and really didn't feel comfortable cutting it, but I knew if I didn't jump at this chance, Forrest would change his mind! I said a huge prayer and went to cutting. It took about 45 minutes to cut through his mop of hair. You would think Bigfoot came for a trim looking at all the hair on the floor. I was pleased with the turn out and so was Forrest!
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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here in the Real World

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I'm in my third full week of being a newly stay-at-hom-mom and I have found that all the things of my "Things I'm Going to Do When I Come Home" list are not getting done! So my title speaks correctly. Here in the real world, or realitiy, cooking, driving to early morning seminary, cleaning the house, doing errands, paying bills, enertaining kids, etc. are taking the place of all the wonderful things I have planned! I have only scrapbooked twice during the last three weeks. I just knew I would be scrapping every day! I can't give up hope. I'm still in the "adjusting" stage and haven't yet created a set daily schedule. For almost 9 years, Huntsville City Schools set my daily schedule for me. It was very easy to follow and I was held accountable. Now I'm on my own! I'm accountable to myself and that's scary! I would love some help from all you stay-at-home moms. How do you make your schedule? How do you discipline yourself to stay on schedule? Do you have set days you do laundry? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday Evening Drive

George has been talking about buying a 1981 Chevy Camaro to turn, but when Forrest heard about it, he immediately jumped into the equation. He wants it for his first car. Goerge thought about it and it's a win-win situation. He and Forrest will have a father/son project they can work on together and Forrest will drive the end result! Forrest made a down payment to George and we picked it up Saturday morning. It has been sitting for three years, but after putting some new gas in the tank, it ran like a charm! It's body is straight and has no rust, which is great for a 27 year old car. Besides needing a paint job (George and Forrest will do this together) and a new interior, the car is perfect shape. The V-6 engine will get a tune up and it's good to go. The car will be ready for the road before Forrest is 16! All of this is made possible by George. He is the best mechanic ever and knows how to wheel & deal with the best!

Saturday evening, the kids wanted to drive the car, so we all get in it and ride to Hazel Green High School's parking lot. Since Sadie helped vacuum and wash it, we decided she would drive first. This was the first time Sadie has ever driven a car sitting in the front seat by herself. She has always sat on our laps, but she is getting too big. She was so thrilled to drive first and by herself! She did a great job driving! Forrest and I laughed when we saw the blinkers on everytime she turned! She drove for about 15 minutes and Dad even let her "punch" it! (translation- pedal to the metal!) She enjoyed herself so much! I was very happy for her. Forrest was able to drive for about 20 minutes. He loves his "baby". We had a great Saturday evening drive as a family!



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Friday, August 8, 2008


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(Click on collage for bigger image)Happy 14th Birthday to my Forrester! I cannot believe how time flies. It was just yesterday I was holding him in my arms, and now I look up to him when I ask him take the trash out! My heart is so full of joy. Forrest is really growing leaps and bounds physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel that one of the blessings of me being back in the home full-time is rediscovering my family. I felt Forrest and I were growing apart and now, I can't keep us seperated! Our relationship has strenghen beyond description as well as my relationship with Sadie and George.

When I found out I was pregnant with Forrest, I just knew I would have a boy. I didn't want a girl. I was a tomboy by nature and what would I do with a girl? (I would soon find out three years later with Sadie!) George wanted to have a "Junior" and I was totally against it. I have always loved the name "Forrest" and since I was the one getting fat and ugly having this baby, I trumped the junior name! I did comprimise with him and allowed "George" to be the baby's first name. I added the "er" on to Forrest (after the Forrester's on the Bold & and Beautiful-lol) and so at 2:10pm on August 8th, 1994, I was holding a beautiful 9lbs, 7 oz. baby boy named George Forrester Walker.

Forrest has brought us so much happiness to our lives in these past 14 years. As a parent, I have stretched beyond physical, emotional and spiritual limits raising this boy and would do it all and more again if that is what it takes to mold him into a righteous young man. Words cannot describe the love I have for him and the desire to see him succeed in both this life and the life to come. Happy Birthday Forrest! I love you, Mom

Now that I'm done with the "mushy-mommy feelings" about Forrest, I would love for you to comment about any encounters/relaionship you have had with or to continue to have with Forrest (in the past, present and possibly the future!) Thanks!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forrest is a STAR





Forrest received his STAR rank in the Boy Scouts of America program last week. We are so proud of him! Forrest has a love/hate relationship with the scouting program. He either loves it or he doesn't. Right now, he is on the lovin' side! He needs three more merit badges and wait out the required six month time frame before he will advance to LIFE. After LIFE, it's EAGLE baby! We have set the standard to Forrest if he wants his driver's liscence at 16, then he must be an Eagle scout by then. He even told the Board of Review of this requirement and he even said it with pride! The Court of Honor was very nice. Along with his advancement to STAR rank, Forrest received several merit badges: nature, citizen in the world, Indian Lore, archery, and snorkeling. The best part of the Court of Honor is when Forrest pins the mother's pin on me (whic represent the rank advancement he just earned.) What joy I feel seeing Forres't hard work pay off-and mine! Afterward, we went outside and slurped some delicious watermelon.

ps-Did you know that the official BSA uniform has changed to a high-tech perfomance gear material. Forrest is in need of another shirt. Thank goodness I procrastinated sewing on his other badges, because I'll be sewing all of them on a new shirt soon!
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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School

I just dropped off my babies this morning at school and for the first time im almost 9 years, I have the whole house to myself! Wait, did you hear that?.....Me either! YEAH! I do miss them, but not the ugly things they say to each other. Forrest is at Hazel Green High School & in the 9th grade. We did some shopping for him and his new shoes are officially size 14! His pants size is 32x32 and his shirts are adult Large. My sweet Sadie is growing up as well. Her new shoes were size 9.5 and she reaaly enjoys her very first NIKE school shoes! Both Forrest and Sadie were ready to go to their new schools. I believe I was the one who is nervous! Today is my day to have 10 extra hours back in my day. I'll "phase" into the Molly Mormom soon. Since I have been up at 5:30am, I have cooked egg crackle for breakfast, took pictures of Forrest and Sadie and headed off to Sadie's school in Merridianville and back to the Hazel Green High School to drop Forrest off. Driving back home in silence was a joy, but bittesweet. I have already cleaned the livingroom and the kitchen, paid bills, wrote a couple of letters and just baked 2 brownie mixes. When Forrest, Sadie and George come home from school and work, I want to have them an "after school/work snack" I think I'm going to enjoy my new life! I'll have plennty of time to update my blog without my children hogging the computer. Hogging on the computer is the main reason my blog has not been updated as it should this summer. I should be back to my regular blogger-self by next week! I have lots to blog about! Take caree
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