Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School

I just dropped off my babies this morning at school and for the first time im almost 9 years, I have the whole house to myself! Wait, did you hear that?.....Me either! YEAH! I do miss them, but not the ugly things they say to each other. Forrest is at Hazel Green High School & in the 9th grade. We did some shopping for him and his new shoes are officially size 14! His pants size is 32x32 and his shirts are adult Large. My sweet Sadie is growing up as well. Her new shoes were size 9.5 and she reaaly enjoys her very first NIKE school shoes! Both Forrest and Sadie were ready to go to their new schools. I believe I was the one who is nervous! Today is my day to have 10 extra hours back in my day. I'll "phase" into the Molly Mormom soon. Since I have been up at 5:30am, I have cooked egg crackle for breakfast, took pictures of Forrest and Sadie and headed off to Sadie's school in Merridianville and back to the Hazel Green High School to drop Forrest off. Driving back home in silence was a joy, but bittesweet. I have already cleaned the livingroom and the kitchen, paid bills, wrote a couple of letters and just baked 2 brownie mixes. When Forrest, Sadie and George come home from school and work, I want to have them an "after school/work snack" I think I'm going to enjoy my new life! I'll have plennty of time to update my blog without my children hogging the computer. Hogging on the computer is the main reason my blog has not been updated as it should this summer. I should be back to my regular blogger-self by next week! I have lots to blog about! Take caree
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Chris said...

Size 14!! Wow-that's crazy! Ryan and Amy have their first day tomorrow. Amy is so excited to start Kindergarten, & Ryan is subduedly (is that a word?) excited about starting High School.
I'm sure I don't have to tell you to enjoy yourself :) I'll look forward to more frequent blog posts.

Mary Kate said...

I can tell Fo REALLY wanted to pose like that for his picture!

can't believe how grown up Sadie looks!

I am excited for you to be home!

Amy said...

Hey Glad all the first days of school went well and you were home to blog about it. Looking forward to many get togethers with you now that your officially a stay at home.


Granny's Blog said...

The kids looked great! I know you'll enjoy the time you have at home. Everyone will enjoy the snacks you made. "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". I think we are all like that. Makes me want a brownie right now!

Granny's Blog said...

I can't believe Forrest likes plaid shorts! They look good. I'm so used to your father now liking to "stand out" in any way. But he did have a pair of plaid pants he wore to work. Remember them? I think we saved them and wore them for Halloween!

Brandie Lyon said...

I'm so jealous! What will you do with all that time? I have 3 down, 2 more to go. But, I know I will be so sad when they are all gone to school.

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