Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Father & Son Tree Service

When George bought a chainsaw last year, I had no idea what was in store for our property. The main attraction of our property use to be all the trees and the shade and privacy they provided, but not anymore! George has cut down a few trees in the back yard, but after the county came and cut down three mature bradford pear trees in the front yard (in the power lines) he has directed his attention on the front yard. A couple of Saturdays ago, my Father & Son tree service cut down two trees in the right side of the front yard (bottom picture). George tied his repelling rope around the tree and on the back of his Samari and had Forrest drive the Samari forward, guiding the tree to fall in the right direction as George did the cutting. I wished I had this on video as it was a sight to see! He and Forrest had this particular tree cut down, branches to the street and logs cut and stacked within an hour!

So far, George has cut down fourteen trees in the front yard and we still have a couple in the back yard to go. I have to admit, I do like the property better now than before. I asked George how much we have saved by doing this ourselves and he said on average, it's $1200-$1800 or more to have a tree cut down (depending on size of tree) so we've saved a a big chunk. The best part about cutting down our own trees is having stacks of wood for the stove during winter time. By the time it's all said and done, we'll have 5-6 years worth of fuel for winter!

Monday, September 21, 2009

THursday Night Football

Look at how much fun Sadie has at the middle school football games! The 7th & 8th grade band students play during the middle school football games on Thursday nights and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed at the songs they were playing! I wanted to do some dancing like Sadie and grab a sax and play my high school songs, but then that would have embarrassed her! THis Friday night, the middle school band will play with the high school band at their football game. I think that is so cool! Being around the band and the students are making me feel young again and I like that!
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Manna from Heaven

As you all know, my purse was stolen mid-July at Youth Conference in Troy, AL at Troy State University . But what you don't know, is that exactly one month to the day it was taken, manna from God was dropped from heaven in the form of a Fed-Ex box on our front door step. Forrest and Sadie ripped the box opened to find my purse had been found and returned! I screamed with joy in amazement at this wonderful blessing from God. My purse hadn't been rummaged through or damaged in the slightest! Even my half- empty bag of peanuts was there! lol. The only thing missing was the cash.
I have to admit, I suprised myself by recognizing how I was feeling the minute I discovered my purse was stolen. I was extremely calm about my purse being taken and not the total opposite. I had the feeling this was in Heavenly Father's hands, not mine and for some unknown reason, I knew in my heart this would work itself out. I have often had the thought that this wasn't my test, but a test for the individual who took my purse. This person failed the honesty test by taking my purse and failed the Good Samaritan test by not shutting my trunk for me!
I will forever be grateful to the person(s) who found my purse and turned it so that the Troy Police could return it to the rightful owner, me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

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