Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Atlanta Vacation


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We took our family vaction last week to Atlanta. When we arrived in Atlanta, we stopped by the Temple for pictures and to the LDS Bookstore. Afterwards, we went to the Goergia Aquarium. We had terrible directions from MapQuest and downtown Atlanta is not somewhere you want to be lost! We finally found an "Ambassador" on a bicycle and he showed us the way. The Aquarium was fun, but for the record, too overpriced ($101 for our family)! We were able to pet stingrays,shrimp and some mushy-gooey red thing. The biggest fish there was the whale shark and happened to be George's favorite. It was huge! When the tour was over, we were ready to go to the hotel and relax. The kids were able to swim and I hit the internet to find a local scrapbook store. Friday morning, we went back downtown to the COKE Factory. We had no problem finding it. We were all in a fantastic mood. This tourist site is something our whole famliy gets into. We love COKE memorabililia. We were able to see all of the historic memorabilia from all over the years, and see a 4D movie where the seats shook, and wind and water is blown on you, etc. It was so amazing! After the movie, Forrest and Sadie were interested in tasting 63 different flavors of COKE products from all over the world. It was so funny seeing the expressions of their faces. One drink had Goerge and Forrest sneezing because it had too much bubbles in it! At the end of the sampling, were were able to cleanse our palatte with the real COKE and that put a Smile on our face! We were able to pick out our own COKE bottle that was bottled as we toured and then we moved on to the best part: The COKE memorabilia Store! I could have bought one of everything and would have been happy, and broke! The COKE Factory was by far the best tourist attraction we have done in a while. I recommend it to everyone!. On our way home, George drove me back towards the Temple for the scrapbooking store. I was excited to go, but when I got there, I was disappointed. Too big of a store with too few supplies. I did get a new acrylic stamp set I'be been wanting. We headed back to my sister's house in Lagrange GA. The next couple of days would be filled with movies, WII, playing at the beach at Calloway Gardens and jusst relaxing with family. The bad thing about vacations, is that they all must come to an end.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Kids are Growing up!

Look at my children- They are growing like weeds and a lawnmower will not stop them! We experienced a couple of "firsts" in the life of growing teenagers today. Forrest received his first paycheck from his first job outside of the home. He is working with a good friend who owns a construction business and he worked two days last week and earned $104.00. I had to document the hundred dollar bill, because you know it will not last long! He's not afraid to get down and dirty and sweaty. He told his boss yesterday while they were building a back deck/overhang, "This is fun!" We are so proud of our son! Sadie's is a little bit more girly-girl than a paycheck. Today marked the first day she shaved her legs! I told her I was in the 6th grade when I did and I guess she wanted to continue the tradition! Last night, George and I were sitting on the couch with our legs on top of each others and Sadie came and sat down beside me and put her hand on what she thought was my leg and quickly pulled back and said, "You need to shave your legs!". I busted out laughing because it was George's leg she had her hand on! You know I'm a true scrapbooker if I'm documenting my daughter's first shave! In three weeks, Forrest will begin his high school years (and early morning seminary) and Sadie will begin her middle school years. My babies are not little babies anymore. Where did the time go? I bet my parents are saying the same thing. They're quickly on their journey to become grown-ups, but they'll always be my babies!
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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Fourth!




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For the past two years, my friend Amy has told me every aspect of her family's Fourth of July Celebration and how fantasitic is was, etc and how the firework show was the main attraction. After hearing about it for the past two years, this year she invited our family to go! We normally do not do much so we welcomed the change. My sister came into town from Georgia so she was able to tag along with us. We drove about an hour to Huntland, TN to this beautiful home on the lake. There were many of Amy's family and ward friends there and it was nice to see her family again. When we arrived, there were six men in the field setting up for the fireworks show. Forrest was quick to offer his services to help! He'd never been around os many explosives before! They set up for the show for more than an hour. The food was straight out of a Southern Living magazine. Aewsome! After we ate the kids play badminton and then it was time for the main even to start. The men, including Forrest, took their positions at on of the three stations and began to set off the $800 worth of fireworks at the same time. The show lasted about 30 minutes and was absolutely fantastic! Our family had a blast and the best part was that Chris and Amy invited us back next year!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Girl's Camp Update



Last week was our stake YW Girl's Camp at Camp Hulaco, in Arab. We have been looking forward to this year's camp the day we came home from the preivous year's camp! That is how awesome these camps are! I am so fortunate to be the camp director which entitles me to go each year! Last week was my fourth year to go and now that I'm officially in the YW Presidency, it looks like there will be many more camps in my future! Yeah! At last minute, two of our girls decided not to go. (Their loss, not ours!)We took five girls and two leaders. Did I count myself as a girl or a leader? Anyway, were bonded so much in the four days we were at camp. Even though we have three 12-13 yr. old girls, the two older ones (about to turn sweet 16 in a couple of weeks) really made them feel accepted, therefore making a strong bond between them. I love these girls so much! They have such sweet spirits and strong testimonies that really grew throughout the time at camp.
All of our girls completed their certification and they were so proud of themselves. WE were very thankful no one found a tick! I guess we found plenty of them at precamp that they decided not to bother us at the real camp! I really enjoyed seeing my friends who I went to camp in my youth with who are now leaders too. There is nothingabout camp I do not like! I can't wait till next year. There will be a new kid on the block coming to camp: my daughter Sadie! YEAH! She has been waiting so patiently to go to camp with me. So, as I said in the beginning of this blog, we are already looking forward to next year's camp!
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