Friday, July 4, 2008

Girl's Camp Update



Last week was our stake YW Girl's Camp at Camp Hulaco, in Arab. We have been looking forward to this year's camp the day we came home from the preivous year's camp! That is how awesome these camps are! I am so fortunate to be the camp director which entitles me to go each year! Last week was my fourth year to go and now that I'm officially in the YW Presidency, it looks like there will be many more camps in my future! Yeah! At last minute, two of our girls decided not to go. (Their loss, not ours!)We took five girls and two leaders. Did I count myself as a girl or a leader? Anyway, were bonded so much in the four days we were at camp. Even though we have three 12-13 yr. old girls, the two older ones (about to turn sweet 16 in a couple of weeks) really made them feel accepted, therefore making a strong bond between them. I love these girls so much! They have such sweet spirits and strong testimonies that really grew throughout the time at camp.
All of our girls completed their certification and they were so proud of themselves. WE were very thankful no one found a tick! I guess we found plenty of them at precamp that they decided not to bother us at the real camp! I really enjoyed seeing my friends who I went to camp in my youth with who are now leaders too. There is nothingabout camp I do not like! I can't wait till next year. There will be a new kid on the block coming to camp: my daughter Sadie! YEAH! She has been waiting so patiently to go to camp with me. So, as I said in the beginning of this blog, we are already looking forward to next year's camp!
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TheVillamorFamily said...

That looks like such a cool camp! I sure wish our Stake could use those grounds!

Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning!

Jude and Ashley said...

It is so great that you enjoy going to Camp...not that you shouldn't, but there are some people who would rather not go. I bet the girls love having you as a leader! It looks like you guys had a blast. Love the green shirts!

Granny's Blog said...

I'm glad you love camp so much! I did too. I went for 9-10 yrs. ( maybe the times I went grows each time I tell it....!

The West Family said...

I bet you are such a fun camp leader. I always have to work up to convincing myself I'll enjoy it, but then when I get there I always do. It's not something I just jump in there and volunteer for though-ha.

Brandie Lyon said...

You were always the highlight of camp and Youth Conference. I'm glad these girls get to enjoy you too. Tell Sis. Broadhurst I said "hi".

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