Thursday, November 4, 2010

Serious Business

Here's my first 12x12 page I've done in like forever! I'm so excited to share it with you today! This page is all about Forrest and his curiosity of Dad's skills in the auto-mechanics world. George bought him a 1981 camaro last summer and they have been gradually restoring it. What I captured in these photos was a serious conversation about what motor Forrest wants to put in his car and is asking Dad about all his options. This conversation went on for about an hour! I love the bond that this camaro has brought about with George and Forrest but I'm so not loving the fact that sometime in the future they will be building a faster motor for his car!

Title: Talks between Father and Son
Journal: "Forrest is a cut-up most of the time, but when it comes to conversations with his Dad about auto-mechanics and his camaro, it's serious business! "
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Do your Duty

Today is a critical day in our time and I do hope everyone is planning on voting today. I just came home from voting and suprisingly, I walked right in and right out without having to stand in a line. (That wasn't the case two years ago...the line wrapped around the parking lot and it took me 45 minutes to just get inside!) As you can see in my pictures, there are definately last minute efforts to sway your vote. Turning into the parking lot, I was hit with massive amounts of signs of both sides along with huge amounts of flyers that came through the mail in the past two days. We live in a country where voting is a right and a privledge. Let's make sure we all take advantage of this great blessing and turn this country back to it's origin of the founding fathers and so that we can maintain the status of "the land of the free!" Do your duty and vote!

ps-I was very happy to vote but was very discouraged at how difficult it was to take a picture of myself with my new iphone! Can't you tell? lol)
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