Wednesday, January 28, 2009

George now has a new nickname: "The Bread-Man". He has a co-worker who's husband is a bread delivery man and so when he pulls the bread from the shelf for that day, instead of throwing it away, he'll let the wife take it to work and give it away. THis is what was left after everyone picked through it today. This is the good bread made by Pepperidge Farm, the nine and 15 grain bread that costs $3-4.00 a loaf along with the fruit bread that I pass by in the grocery store because it is so expensive! George will come home several times a week with 8-13 loaves of bread and after he puts it on the table, he calls me in so that I can see his "bounty". You should see the big smile on his face when he shows off his bounty for the day. He's so funny! His "bounty" is shared with friends and family because there is no way we could eat that much bread!
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Working on Being a Success

I'm taking a 10 day online class at Feeling Scrappy called
"From Mess to Success". It's a class to get me organized in all things pertaining to running my home successfully. To be honest, I haven't had time this week to fully participate like I originally planned to and that gave way for me to think that I couldn't possible change from the mess I am to success in 10 days, so why try? This was how I was feeling up until this afternoon, when I decided to give it another try. As I downloaded and printed out the documents this class has provided me in the past eight days, my attitude began to change. I can do this! I need to take full advantage of the vital information the very talented design team at Feeling Scrappy has to offer. I want to get organized so bad and I can't as long as I have a stinkin' thinkin' attitude. While Goerge and Forrest attend a youth Temple trip tomorrow, Sadie and I have plans to stay home and do a couple of projects from the class together. It's time to replace the mess with success!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My New Mixer

Ok, for those of you who know me, I hate to cook, much less bake. But for the past year, I have had a facination with the Kitchen Aid stand mixer. Why? Because maybe if I had one, I might cook. (I use that same strategy with scrapbooking, why not use it in the kitchen? ) Well, I looked at all the models and questioned all of my friends who had the mixer and was convinced that I could use one. On Black Friday, I went to Walmart in hopes to buy on for $130, but they were sold out. I then went to Sam's and bought the professional model for $250. When I came home, I just wasn't feeling the love for it. Did I spend too much on a mixer? Would I use it enough to justify spending that much? Did I have false expectations of myself? After I decided that I paid too much and that I would buy the Classic model for $200 instead, my brother called me and told me to go to Sears was having a Black Friday sale on Hamilton Beach mixers. I checked it out and the mixer was reg. $200 and on sale for $99 with a $30 rebate. SOLD! I was able to get free s/h and with tax, I spent $75 on a new mixer! Although it's not a Kitchen Aid, I'm in love with it! I saved $175 and I now find eays to use my new mixer!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Red Rooster Results

I had a great time at my scrapbook retreat. I needed the "me" time and when I came back, I was rejuvinated! I am so thankful that my sister drove 3 1/2 hours just to be with me and to share this experience with me. Even though she doesn't srapbook anymore, she was able to tackle her preschool and seminary lesson plans. After drawing a blank the first night, I was able to do a few pages but not like last time when I did 51 pages! I can't wait till Septemeber when we visit again! I recommend everyone visit the Red Rooster at least once in their lifetime!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rockin' at the Rooster

I should be posting some scrapbook pages but instead I'm posting a image of 80's music! I get here at my retreat and I go into a blank where nothing is happening in my brain. You would think I had never scrapbooked! So what's the next best thing to scrapping? YouTube and Big Hair Bands! We sang to Van Halen, Journey, Violent Femmes, Warrant, Alice Cooper, etc. After the 80's we moved into the 90's with Hanson, N'Sync and even Milli Vanilli! We ended this freak show with today's popular and trashy-up beating music.

To pep us up, we danced along with Beyonce's "All you Single Ladies". That was a sight to see because our bodies do not look like hers, yet alone move like hers! After the owner learned of our newly aquired dancing skills, he understood where the banging/thumping noises where coming from! We probably gave his parents (who lives in the basement) a heart attack with all of the thumping around we were doing!

Around midnight, Mary Kate called it quits. I was just getting started with my creativity and didn't go to bed till 2am. It was a shame that I spent money to come here the first day to go blank, listen to YouTube, and dance with Beyonce, but I'll remember the crazy time I had with my sister long after the acid-free isn't free anymore!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Off to Red Rooster!

I am off to my scrapbooking retreat with my sister this morning and will be back Saturday night. All I wanted for Christmas was to be able to go on this retreat. I missed the last 2-3 because the timing was off, but before then, I went to 7 straight! My sister Mary Kate went with me once and now she's hooked with me!The last time she and I went, we were able to complete 102 pages together in our two-night, three day stay. I'm going to go and enjoy myself and my sister and if I put a dent in my stack of pictures then I'll call it a successful retreat! I do hope my family will manange without me while I'm gone. Hopefully not much partying will be going on in my absent! lol You should check out Red Rooster Retreat and see why we love it sooo much!

Monday, January 5, 2009

45 Reasons I Love You


Today is my husband's 45th birthday. When he turned 40, he laid on the couch and claimed "I'm half dead". He cracks me up so much! THis blog post is dedicated to all the ways I love him and appreciated him.

1. He's the most honest man I know
2. He's a hard worker and is very picky at his work. It has do be done correctly-no half-ass work allowed!
3. He has a great work ethic (that hopefully is carrying on to our kids!)
4. He loves me unconditionally
5. Even when I fail, he still loves me!
6. Even though he is eight years older than me, he treats me equal (he should be spanking me! lol)
7. Mom knew he loved me by the way he looked me in my eyes.
8. He's the best husband ever
9. HE is the best father ever
10. He doesnt' mind doing dishes, cooking dinner or a batch of laundry!
11. He supports me in my scrapbooking and loves to look at my pages with me
12. He's an excellent organizer of his things. His co-workers tease him at work for having the neatest tool box and desk area in the shop.
13. He'll eat anything, even if me and the kids won't touch it!
14. He loves to joke and horse play around, but not with me. I'm "too sensitive" he says
15. He knows everything about old muscle cars. I'm amazed at what information comes from his mouth!
16. He'll help anyone
17. He loves to watch Forrest play ball.
18. George knows everything about cars. HE's the best mechanic!
19. He is currenty converting the carpot into a gargage. How does he know how to do that? He amazes me!
20. He has so much patience! I'm amazed at how much patience he has with me and in general!
21. He's quick to love and slow to anger
22. he knows everone in Huntsville. We can't go anywhere without bumping into a buddy!
23. He wants to please his family and provide for us. Failing is not an option.
24. He supported me in my decission to come back home and to live off of one income.
25. I love how he still opens the car door for me and opens the doors for me.
25. I love to watch his butt in a pair of Levis!
26. I'm amazed he fell in love with me! I was 19 and he was 27.
28. I love how compassionate he is.
29. Everything he does is his best. He has always practiced this moto.
30. I love how he is a great example to our children and to me.
31. I love how he offers to give me his Christmas bonus for my birthday so that I can go shopping.
32. Everything he has or gets goes to the family.
33. Very little does he ever ask for much.
34. He comes from a humble background and wants our children to appreciate what they have.
35. I love how he holds my pinky with his pinky when we go out on a date.
36. I love it when he kisses me off guard.
37. I love his hug chunky hands! His wedding band is size 16 1/2!
38. I love working with him in our youth program at church.
39. I love how he will just sit and listen to me ramble for hours.
40. I love how he loves me and takes care of me and the kids.
41. I love how we trust one another and always have in our 16 years of marriage.
42. He is the backbone of our family and the Patriarch of or family.
43. He takes out the trash everyday!
44. He adores his in-laws and his family
45. He's the best wheeler-dealer ever!

Happy Birthday George! We love you!
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