Wednesday, January 28, 2009

George now has a new nickname: "The Bread-Man". He has a co-worker who's husband is a bread delivery man and so when he pulls the bread from the shelf for that day, instead of throwing it away, he'll let the wife take it to work and give it away. THis is what was left after everyone picked through it today. This is the good bread made by Pepperidge Farm, the nine and 15 grain bread that costs $3-4.00 a loaf along with the fruit bread that I pass by in the grocery store because it is so expensive! George will come home several times a week with 8-13 loaves of bread and after he puts it on the table, he calls me in so that I can see his "bounty". You should see the big smile on his face when he shows off his bounty for the day. He's so funny! His "bounty" is shared with friends and family because there is no way we could eat that much bread!
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Granny's Blog said...

That's a great bounty and you can freeze a few loaves if you have too much. See you Friday! Love, Mom.

Jude and Ashley said...

And how much we have enjoyed that bounty! We love George!

Mary Kate said...

that is the good bread!! yum!

I have missed talking to you these past couple of weeks....are you in hiding??

Love ya!!

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