Friday, January 9, 2009

Rockin' at the Rooster

I should be posting some scrapbook pages but instead I'm posting a image of 80's music! I get here at my retreat and I go into a blank where nothing is happening in my brain. You would think I had never scrapbooked! So what's the next best thing to scrapping? YouTube and Big Hair Bands! We sang to Van Halen, Journey, Violent Femmes, Warrant, Alice Cooper, etc. After the 80's we moved into the 90's with Hanson, N'Sync and even Milli Vanilli! We ended this freak show with today's popular and trashy-up beating music.

To pep us up, we danced along with Beyonce's "All you Single Ladies". That was a sight to see because our bodies do not look like hers, yet alone move like hers! After the owner learned of our newly aquired dancing skills, he understood where the banging/thumping noises where coming from! We probably gave his parents (who lives in the basement) a heart attack with all of the thumping around we were doing!

Around midnight, Mary Kate called it quits. I was just getting started with my creativity and didn't go to bed till 2am. It was a shame that I spent money to come here the first day to go blank, listen to YouTube, and dance with Beyonce, but I'll remember the crazy time I had with my sister long after the acid-free isn't free anymore!


Kim said...

What could be better than dancing the night away to 80's music?!

Glad you had fun!!

Granny's Blog said...

You drew a blank? How could that happen? You have good memories though and that's important too.

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