Monday, June 30, 2008

Blue Angels Airshow


(Click on collage for enhanced pictures)
Since we have been going every direction this month, Goerge and I decided it was time for a family outting. Since we only had to pay for parking, we decided we would check out the airshow at the airport Saturday. When we were in line to park, we were able to see the acrobatic airplanes. We arrived just in time to not have to pay for parking. The Blue Angels was the last performance of the day and we arrived just as they were about to begin their routine. The Blue Angels had our attention from the time they took off to the time they landed. It was so awesome! We were amazed at their stunts. One time during the performance the planes were out of sight and then all of a sudden you hear this massive noise and there flies a Blue Angel jet over our heads! AWESOME! I took over 200 pictures of this event. Why? Because it was fun! We had a great time. ( I am so thankful we were not there when the massive wind gust took out the tents that resulted with one fatality and 12 with injuries. Our prayers go out to these families.)
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Granny's Blog said...

I'm glad you weren't there when the wind blew so hard! I know it was a great family outing.
I've made 6 file folder games from the book you loaned me. I've colored one and only have 5 to go. I think I will copy a couple more. Thank you for such a great book! Hugs, Mom

Mary Kate said...

Mama- I can help you color when I come next week.

Looked like a fun time TJ!

The West Family said...

That is a neat collage of pictures. The Blue Angels do such crazy amazing stunts!! Definitely not something you forget.

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