Thursday, June 19, 2008

Life is a Highway!

Life has been crazy here at the Walker Pad. This picture is a shirt that describes me these past couple of weeks. I have filled my car 5 times in the past two weeks. That tells you I have been busy and driving everywhere! Good thing we bought a Honda Civic for gas mileage two weeks ago. It's classified as a "compact car" and compact it is! Coming from a Chevy Blazer, this car is a matchbox! We are still adjusting to the much smaller car. The civic is going 100 miles more and is $25 less per tank of gas. Technically, I saved $125 in two weeks!

The last two weeks were so busy, I have stayed home all this week just to catch up. I had precamp at the Broadhurst's house in Tennessee the weekend before last. It was a lot of fun, minus the ticks! Last year, Pat and I stayed up till 4:30am talking. This year, we were too pooped! When I came home from camp, we had to pack Forrest so he could spend the week with the Stamps. Cay put on the distrcit Cub Scout Twilight Camp in Fayetteville, TN and Forrest was part of the staff. I was in charge of the physical activities on Monday, Wednesday and a Family Day on Friday. It was so hot last week I was very thankful that the camp was a "twilight" camp. We were there from 4-9pm. I provided parachute acitivities, speed staking (stacking cups) and Field Day events on Friday. I drove to Huntsville and Fayetteville everyday but one day last week. Crazy, I know! On one trip to Huntsville, I met my mom at her cancer doctor's office. Her xrays found a lung nodule he immediately ordered a ct scan. I wanted to be her support for the results. We waited forever for the to see the doctor, but the wait was worth a "NEGATIVE" result. YEAH! We were so relieved. The nodule was some scar tissue from her radiation from her breast cancer 5 years ago.

Once the Cub Scout Camp was over Friday evening, I brought Forrest home and we immediately began to pack for his week long Boy Scout campout. One of the drivers had to cancel, so Saturday morning, Cay and I made the trip with the boys. I thought it was in Knoxville, but it turned out to be almost to Virginia! We left at 10am and I returned to my house at 2am Sunday morning. Yes, I was exhausted! It was a fun trip with the boys. Forrest and Kagan cracked us up!

During this craziness, I was late to every appointment and obligation. I even mixed up the time of Forrest's orhtodonttist appointment with Sadie's dentist appointment from the previous week! I was even hunted down by a couple of friends because they couldn't get in touch with me. One came to the scout camp and the other called my parents in Athens and my sister in Georgia looking for me! (Since I have a "track" phone, I no longer can call while I'm driving!) This week I have ordered a mandatory lockdown for myself. I have stayed home except for a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and I am loving every mintue! I have really enjoyed my time with Sadie and not hearing the fighting of siblings is soothing! I have caught up on some much needed sleep and house cleaning. I have dechunked all week long. The feeling of a clean house is priceless!

Cay and I will leave tomorrow night to pick the By Scouts up and hopefully catch a tourist attraction on the way there. When I get back, I'll pack for YW Girls camp, drive to Athens to drop Sadie off at Granny's and then back to Huntsville to drop Forrest off at the Roper's for the week and I'm off to Camp Hulaco. I'm so looking forward to June being over! I want my family back and under the same roof!


Granny's Blog said...

You have really been a busy, if not, happy camper! I know it's been good to get some home time. The summer will be over before you know it and the kids will be gone and you'll have all the time in the world to do as you please!

Amy said...

Whew! You have been running in ffwd haven't you. I can't wait for YW camp to be over so we can hang out. Have fun at camp!!


Mary Kate said...

you are a good friend to do all that you do for others! and not to mention a great mother. I guess when mine get all involved with more activites we will be doing the same thing! I am trying to get them NOT to grow up but they aren't listening! Guess I need to whoop them!

Call me!

Dawn, said...

WOW! What color is YOUR supermom cape? I hope you had a blast at YW camp, you should be heading home right about now. I am literally waiting for my sweet daughter to return home any minute. And my son returns from Scout camp on Saturday... will also be glad to have camps over with so we can focus on each other again!!

The West Family said...

Whew...I'm exhausted just reading about all your travels & busy schedule!

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