Friday, September 18, 2009

Manna from Heaven

As you all know, my purse was stolen mid-July at Youth Conference in Troy, AL at Troy State University . But what you don't know, is that exactly one month to the day it was taken, manna from God was dropped from heaven in the form of a Fed-Ex box on our front door step. Forrest and Sadie ripped the box opened to find my purse had been found and returned! I screamed with joy in amazement at this wonderful blessing from God. My purse hadn't been rummaged through or damaged in the slightest! Even my half- empty bag of peanuts was there! lol. The only thing missing was the cash.
I have to admit, I suprised myself by recognizing how I was feeling the minute I discovered my purse was stolen. I was extremely calm about my purse being taken and not the total opposite. I had the feeling this was in Heavenly Father's hands, not mine and for some unknown reason, I knew in my heart this would work itself out. I have often had the thought that this wasn't my test, but a test for the individual who took my purse. This person failed the honesty test by taking my purse and failed the Good Samaritan test by not shutting my trunk for me!
I will forever be grateful to the person(s) who found my purse and turned it so that the Troy Police could return it to the rightful owner, me!


Jayne said...

What a nice surprise for you! Glad you got it back!

Beth said...


Granny's Blog said...

Good things come to those who love the Lord.

Kim Mayfield said...

So glad you got it back! And it's dang cute, too!

Chris said...

Yippie! How exciting to get that surprise package in the mail! :)

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