Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Saturday Evening Drive

George has been talking about buying a 1981 Chevy Camaro to turn, but when Forrest heard about it, he immediately jumped into the equation. He wants it for his first car. Goerge thought about it and it's a win-win situation. He and Forrest will have a father/son project they can work on together and Forrest will drive the end result! Forrest made a down payment to George and we picked it up Saturday morning. It has been sitting for three years, but after putting some new gas in the tank, it ran like a charm! It's body is straight and has no rust, which is great for a 27 year old car. Besides needing a paint job (George and Forrest will do this together) and a new interior, the car is perfect shape. The V-6 engine will get a tune up and it's good to go. The car will be ready for the road before Forrest is 16! All of this is made possible by George. He is the best mechanic ever and knows how to wheel & deal with the best!

Saturday evening, the kids wanted to drive the car, so we all get in it and ride to Hazel Green High School's parking lot. Since Sadie helped vacuum and wash it, we decided she would drive first. This was the first time Sadie has ever driven a car sitting in the front seat by herself. She has always sat on our laps, but she is getting too big. She was so thrilled to drive first and by herself! She did a great job driving! Forrest and I laughed when we saw the blinkers on everytime she turned! She drove for about 15 minutes and Dad even let her "punch" it! (translation- pedal to the metal!) She enjoyed herself so much! I was very happy for her. Forrest was able to drive for about 20 minutes. He loves his "baby". We had a great Saturday evening drive as a family!



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Granny's Blog said...

Wow! The car looks good and Sadie looks good behind the wheel! It will really look good when it's painted. That was a real deal! Good for George. It will be so great for father and son to work together on it. I fear for Forrest to get it when he is 16. I never approved of a kid getting their own car when they turned 16. I knew a few kids who got cars who ended up in wrecks. Whatever you decide about it will be your business and I'll support you.

Granny's Blog said...

We'll have to decide on a day to have lunch and I'll come up to your house and you can treat me at home. I want to see Benny's hair cut short and of course I want to love on Carhartt, and I can see the "new" car!

Chris said...

Hmm, whose car is this going to be--Sadie's or Forrest's ? Looks like she is taking over already. ha
What a neat project for Forrest and George. I'm sure that's something he will always remember.

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