Friday, August 8, 2008


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(Click on collage for bigger image)Happy 14th Birthday to my Forrester! I cannot believe how time flies. It was just yesterday I was holding him in my arms, and now I look up to him when I ask him take the trash out! My heart is so full of joy. Forrest is really growing leaps and bounds physically, emotionally and spiritually. I feel that one of the blessings of me being back in the home full-time is rediscovering my family. I felt Forrest and I were growing apart and now, I can't keep us seperated! Our relationship has strenghen beyond description as well as my relationship with Sadie and George.

When I found out I was pregnant with Forrest, I just knew I would have a boy. I didn't want a girl. I was a tomboy by nature and what would I do with a girl? (I would soon find out three years later with Sadie!) George wanted to have a "Junior" and I was totally against it. I have always loved the name "Forrest" and since I was the one getting fat and ugly having this baby, I trumped the junior name! I did comprimise with him and allowed "George" to be the baby's first name. I added the "er" on to Forrest (after the Forrester's on the Bold & and Beautiful-lol) and so at 2:10pm on August 8th, 1994, I was holding a beautiful 9lbs, 7 oz. baby boy named George Forrester Walker.

Forrest has brought us so much happiness to our lives in these past 14 years. As a parent, I have stretched beyond physical, emotional and spiritual limits raising this boy and would do it all and more again if that is what it takes to mold him into a righteous young man. Words cannot describe the love I have for him and the desire to see him succeed in both this life and the life to come. Happy Birthday Forrest! I love you, Mom

Now that I'm done with the "mushy-mommy feelings" about Forrest, I would love for you to comment about any encounters/relaionship you have had with or to continue to have with Forrest (in the past, present and possibly the future!) Thanks!


Mary Kate said...

I remember when he was just talking and he would say "is it hot?" about EVERYTHING! And it would get on your nerves so we would get him started....just to tease you;)

What about "poopy-dIAper change" or "cody-hannah". I wish you had that picture of him sitting on Granny's floor with the full darn cute! The boy...not the diaper:)

Happy Birthday Fo...I love your sense of humor!

Beth said...

Gosh I remember when mom was your VT and she brought us along over to your house on the corner of Oakwood and Maysville and Forrest was just big enough to move around good and he found an old cracker or something that he had lost between the couch cushions and was munching on it and you grabbed it and tossed it into the kitchen because mom was in the middle of giving you the lesson and before you knew it here came forrest again with the same stinkin cracker, haha. He is such a cutie!

Brandie Lyon said...

My word. You are getting old!!
Those pictures of Forrest when he was younger, that's how I remember him.

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