Thursday, August 7, 2008

Forrest is a STAR





Forrest received his STAR rank in the Boy Scouts of America program last week. We are so proud of him! Forrest has a love/hate relationship with the scouting program. He either loves it or he doesn't. Right now, he is on the lovin' side! He needs three more merit badges and wait out the required six month time frame before he will advance to LIFE. After LIFE, it's EAGLE baby! We have set the standard to Forrest if he wants his driver's liscence at 16, then he must be an Eagle scout by then. He even told the Board of Review of this requirement and he even said it with pride! The Court of Honor was very nice. Along with his advancement to STAR rank, Forrest received several merit badges: nature, citizen in the world, Indian Lore, archery, and snorkeling. The best part of the Court of Honor is when Forrest pins the mother's pin on me (whic represent the rank advancement he just earned.) What joy I feel seeing Forres't hard work pay off-and mine! Afterward, we went outside and slurped some delicious watermelon.

ps-Did you know that the official BSA uniform has changed to a high-tech perfomance gear material. Forrest is in need of another shirt. Thank goodness I procrastinated sewing on his other badges, because I'll be sewing all of them on a new shirt soon!
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Mary Kate said...

congrats FO! He looks like he is lovin' the program in those pictures! I want Nate to be in the scouting program also!

Amy said...

Congrats!! to Forrest!! I was glad to check your blog and see something new to read about!!!


Granny's Blog said...

I thought the Scout uniforms were made out of pretty tough material already! It's good they are getting tougher. It's too bad they have to out grow them. For some reason, I refused to sew Frankie's badges on his sash and he hot glued them on himself. Is there a scout saying about a scout being resourceful?

Clarissa and Matt said...

Holy cow. I can't believe how flipping tall Forrest is! : )

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