Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sadie's Turn

Sadie has been asking me for the last six months, "When am I going to get my braces?" I never had an answer to tell her until last Wednesday after her consultation visit with the orthodontist. She doesn't need major work like Forrest did, but it is enough to warrant metal in the form of brackets on her teeth. While Forrest was getting his six week check-up , Sadie and I had the consultation with Dr. Walker (no, we're not related) and it was then I was finally able to tell Sadie, "It's this Tuesday". Her reaction was priceless. She was happy, excited and nervous at the same time. She did really well during the two hour visit on Tuesday and came out wearing a big metal smile on her face. I was able to answer one question and hopefully it will be awhile before I hear her next question of "When am I going to get by braces off?"


Mary Kate said...

I was hoping to see a picture of those! She is just beautiful!

And I recognize that shirt!

Granny's Blog said...

Sadie and her braces! I guess I never noticed her teeth, her beauty blinded me to her imperfections. I know she will take care of her teeth and braces after seeing what Forrest went through. Reckon he's missing home by now? Having too much fun, I bet!

Kim Mayfield said...

she sure looks cute!

Chris said...

Yeah, Sadie! Keep smilin'

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