Monday, July 20, 2009

Headed to EFY

I beleive this is my earliest post, as it's 4:15am this morning. I take Forrest and four other youth from our ward to Especially For YOuth (EFY) in Bowling Green Kentucky. It's a week long youth conference that really boosts their testimony, values and friendships amoung peers their ages. I'm so excited Forrest is able to go this year. The youth had two yard sales to healp raise the money, but fell really short. Each person costs $415 and we only raised about $650, which comes to $119 each youth. Our Bishop didn't give up hope and wrote to the EFY in Kentucky and told them our situation and they replied, "Send us your youth and your money". What an amazing blessing theyouth received, so here we come!


Granny's Blog said...

Child, you need more sleep than you are getting! I bet you are home now. I'm glad Sadie went with you. I didn't want you to go without someone to drive back with. I couldn't go because I had to take Dad to Dr appointments. I hope you and Sadie had a great time. Love, Mom

Mary Kate said...

Sorry I didn't get to talk with you yesterday! I will try to call you today on our way to Callaway!

Sure hope you had slept that night and weren't on one of your marathon scrapbooking sessions before driving that far!!:)

Chris said...

Oh I really wish Ryan could have gone to EFY this year. How did Forrest like it? It is such a wonderful testimony builder. Hopefully they can both go next summer.

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