Friday, July 17, 2009

The Challenge

Our Relief Society issued a challenge of reading the Book of Mormon back in June and our family has taken has taken the challenge of reading two chapters a day (and I am also reading it personally.) To help motivate us to press forward and continue in our reading, the sisters were invited to watch John Bytheway's "Heros: Lessons from the Book of Mormon" last night. What an amazing video! Bytheway has such a talent in sharing his testimony and telling stories that keeps his audience's attention and wanting more. I'm so thankful I brought my scriptures so that I was able to follow along. (it also helps my mind not to wonder!) In our last televised Stake COnference in January, Sister Beck challenged use our Book of Mormon as a workbook. I have no problem marking and highlighting in my scriptures and by the time the movie was over, my poor marking pencil was so dull! Lately, I have discovered I'm marking in every chapter I read. I am so happy that our family is reading the Book of Mormon. With everyday that we read, we are increasing our testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and moving closer to our goal of finishing by mid-September.
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Granny's Blog said...

That's great! Dad and I are reading together every night a 6:00 PM. We each take a turn reading two verses. Now when the family comes over I can ask them to read with us!

Beth said...

Good for you guys! We need to do that!

Chris said...

Way to go! We're trying to read at 6:15 every morning before Ryan heads to seminary. It's tough to keep everyone on schedule so we don't miss because we're running late!
I know it will be great unity.

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