Friday, April 3, 2009

Stress Reliever

Since I have been taking care of mom for the last week with her recovering from her knee replacement surgery and going to rehab for visits along with driving to Athens to take care of Dad, and along with taking care ofm y own family, I have been in dire need to relieve some stress! The only way I know how to relieve stress and be productive at the same time is to do some scrappin'! I was able to scrap two pages and 25 cards in the last week. Since my mom hasn't made cards in months, I picked through her supplies and added them to mine. I felt like a kid in the candy store rummaging through her stamps, ribbons, punches, stamps and papers, etc.
I went for a visit with mom this morning and she looked fantastic! She is doing so well! She's walking as if she hasn't had surgery! She told me her walker was just in the way, but must use it for safety precations. I have an interdisciplinary meeting for her on the 9th and hopefully we can bust her out of rehab and bring her back to Dad where she belongs! When I visit tomorrow, I'll post pictures of how wonderful she looks!


Kim Mayfield said...

Great pages... and cards! I keep thinking that someday I will get a chance to just sit down and be creative, but it's just not happening. I guess that I will have to actually make the time!

Chris said...

Way to go Trudy! I'm sure it feels good to be able to help family AND to get to have some fun being creative.
Tell your Mom "hi", & that I'm praying for her. :)

Jayne said...

Glad to hear your mom is doing well and I loved your projects!!

Clarissa and Matt said...

You are so talented, girl!!

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