Thursday, August 20, 2009

What the BLog?

What the blog is going on here? Has anyone seen my blog because I sure haven't! THis summer has come and gone so fast that I haven't had time to blog some weeks and I thought I would never miss a beat with my blogging! It's been very busy around here. June and July flew by and August is on auto-pilot. My calendar is so busy I can't even pencil in scrappin' time!

School started last Monday with seminary starting the next day. Mom had her other knee replacement also last Tuesday so I have been traveling back and forth to see her and Dad in Athens. My sister MK came up to help out with Dad this past weekend and Sadie and I got to hang with her and we had a blast. (I didn't realize it's been almost eight months since I have seen her!) Sadie and I will bust mom out of rehab this Saturday and bring her home. She is doing such a fantastic job and is such a trooper! Grampie misses her so much and can't wait for her return.

Forrest turned 15 on August 8th and on the same day as mom's surgery he skipped school and took his learner's permit test-and PASSED! He's doing a great job driving but I swear, it's driving me crazy! I stress too much. The thought of putting my life (and his) and my car in the hands of a 15 year old scares the *&^%$ out of me! He gets good practice time by driving to seminary every morning and to school. ( there's not much traffic going in our direction! lol) He'll get in more driving time when soccer conditioning begins in the next couple of weeks. He and Sadie are growing up so fast! Just this past weekend, Sadie opened a Facebook account. Both of my babies are social networking!

I began my official duties as Sadie's middle school treasurer/secretary today. Football season starts next week with Sadie playing in the pep band. Believe it or not, I haven't picked up my camera in the last couple of weeks. I only realized I needed it ofter the fact. Oh well. Life happens.

Even though life is busy right at the moment, we are not loosing out on family time. I'm making sure we get in our time together and having our family dinners and hang out time. Family is all that matters in this crazy world and I will not loose them to craziness! Well, you know the 411 on us and hopefully the next blog I'll have a picture to post if I don't forget my camera! lol


Kim Mayfield said...

Hey... there you are! I've been wondering about you, and it's good to hear that everyone is ok at your house!

Granny's Blog said...

I'm too tired to say more than I read your blog. Thanks for all of your help. Love you, Mom

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