Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Since my Last Post

This has been the absolute longest I have gone between posts! This wasn't a planned absence, but started after the laptop had to go into the shop for a couple of weeks. With the laptop gone, I thought it would be a great time to start rereading the Twilight saga to get me ready for New Moon. Well, I didn't just stop at the second book, I had to read all four plus the Melissa Marr trilogy books. By the time the laptop came back, Forrest and Sadie devoured it and I just didn't feel like fighting for it. Since the last time I posted, I was involved in someway or somehow with the following activities:

*spend 4-6 hours at the middle school doing my treasurer duties for the band each week

*I've substituted several days for the band director. I absolutely loved it!

*Went to my sister's house in Georgia for Fall Break

*Helped put on a Stake Barn Youth Dance for our youth at church

*did my VT each month

*took Forrest and Sadie to their orthodontists appointments each month

*after school band practices

*more monthly Band Parent Mtgs and weekly treasurer duties

*Helped with the Band Fundraising Rock-a-Thon and stayed up all night long rocking in chairs!

*helped mom and Dad put up some shelves and watched the Bama game

*more substituting for band and a 6th grade class

*Painting bedrooms and bathrooms to get ready for family at Thanksgiving

*Saw Twilight by myself and then took sadie later that night-we both loved it!

*Forrest's orientation to begin working on his Eagle Project-YEAH!

Family over for thanksgiving and shopping on Black Friday!

*Helped put on a band Spaggetti Dinner and Auction. It was a huge success!

*JUde Collins tutored forrest in his math class. Fo played a little too much in the first semster!

*Went to several holiday concerts

*Hosted a band Holiday Dance

*soccer conditioning after school

*george working overtime

*I have rediscovered the joy in writing in my personal journals again

*taking care of my beautiful young women at church

*Our youth at church decorated 120 Christmas cookies as a service project

*made my sister and mom Christmas cards (but none for me! Lol)

*went to the Christmas Festival for the first time this year. It was beautiful!

*3rd Annual Cookies with Cay last weekend. we had a last and left with tons of goodies!

*Getting Forrest and George off to winter camp this week

*Participated in my first cookie swap last weekend. Note to myself: too many cookies to bake!

*I was suprised with a visit from my brother and his family this past weekend . My sister's family spent Christmas in salt Lake Sity, UTah and will be coming home tonight

*I was able to make a card of two during the last couple of months but I haven't scrapped or
even taken more than a picture or too since my last post but I've looked at tons of sites for when I'm ready to scrap!

So there there you have the watered-down version of what we've been up to in the past several months. We are alive, happy and I'm a day younger today! Yes, it's my birthday today ,but I'm only getting younger, not older!I hope you had a beautiful Christmas with your family and friends and please know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers during this Christmas season.

More to come!

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