Sunday, January 10, 2010

Better Luck Next TIme

I have really enjoyed watching the Canadian geese fly over me as I'm driving here and there and have always thought it would be fun to take pictures of them in flight before they turn into little dots in the sky. Unfortunately, I never seem to have my camera in the van. But just a few days ago my luck changed, or so I thought. As I was driving home, a flock of feese had just taken flight over me and I remembered I had the camera in the van and quickly pulled over. Unfortunately, the time it took to pulled over, dig the camera out of the case and focus the camera, the geese were already little dots in the air. Better luck next time, right? So after I got back into the drivers seat (with my camera still in hand) I realized I didn't shut the van door. I tired a couple of times to shut it, but my camera bag was in the way. As I was reaching around to move the camera bag out of the door way, I missed the strap and my hand hit the door itself. A scream came out as I felt pain instantly. I broke a nail! It throbbed all the way home and all night long. All I was trying to do is take a few pictures of flying geese and I come home with pictures of the worst nail break I have ever had. As I said before, I sure hope I have better luck next time!
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Granny's Blog said...

Oh, my! Your poor thumb. I hope it's better now. To get a picture of the birds, you would have to have the camera on the seat by you all the time! I enjoyed looking at the dots and imagined their "honks" as they flew by.

Villamor family said...


at least you didn't crash trying to take pictures of the geese! maybe you could just look up some on google images next time;)

Chris said...


I love to hear Canadian Geese honking overhead. I always run out on our deck to see them. I'm a Canadian...ya gotta love the geese! :)

Char said...

OUCH!!! That must have HURT! Come up north to visit me, we have TONS of geese.

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