Thursday, December 29, 2011

my Top 10 Excuses of 2011

for not blogging this year:

1-lost interest after bloging for three years

2-started homescholing
3-would rather coupon than blog

4-stopped taking pictures
5-someone was always on the computer

6-paper journaled instead

7-my intrathecal pain pump malfunctioned

8-dealt with psychosis of opiate withdrawal for several months

9- too many damn doctor appointments

10-there is nothing positive to blog when you have lost your mind.
Trust me,I know

My Top 10 Reasons I want to blog in 2012:

1-I have most of my mind back, I think

2-wanted to blog one more time before turning the big 4-0
3- I'll get me taking pictures again
4-hopefully blogging will motivate me to get back to scrappin'
5-to keep in touch with family, all four of us
6-productive use of my time
7-will give me a chance to bump someone off the computer
8-want to share some of the hilarious things that go on at the Walker Pad

(warning: parental advisory will be required for some blog posts)

9-need to enjoy my freedom of speech before it's not free anymore

10-the world will be ending on Dec. 21, 2012

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