Monday, September 29, 2008

My Little Sister


I made this scrapbook page of my sister and her family in my online scrapbook class this last week. I cherish my sister Mary Kate and the realtionship we have developed over the past 15 years. We couldn't stand each other growing up, but as soon as George and I were married in 1993, our relationship began to change. She is the most unselfish, paient, loving and forgiving person I know. All of her life, she has put others before herself. She chooses the right in every situation possible. I have learned so much from her. When I think about her, she is my big sister. She is such a strength and a great example to me. I should be her little sister, not the other way around. Mary Kate has a great love for her Savior Jesus Christ, for her family and her friends. She has great compassion for her fellowman. She is a diamond in the rough. I'm very privilege to call her my sister.

Because MK and I didn't grow up knowing any of our six cousins, we both made a pack that we would always be close and that our children would know one another. They would be true first cousins, no matter the cost. Since then, we have logged in countless hours and countless trips back and forth to Georgia and Alabama. Our two families have gone on many vacations together. Because of the time and effort we have spent on developing our relationship, we can definately see and enjoy the fruits of our labors for many, many years to come!

Mary Kate was afraid since Forrest is almost eight years older than Nate, he wouldn't want to come to Georgia to visit her anymore. I had no doubt that Forrest would come with us. Forrest and Nate are static cling when they are together. Even though Forrest is a teenager, he would never abandon his six, almost seven year old "Buddy-Nate". Nate idolizes Forrest. They wrestle, play video games, play outside together and most of all, they stick together at all times. Their relationship will only mature over time. Nate makes it fun for Forrest when we visit. I look at my son in "awe" as he sweet talks and nutures Nate. Is this my son? Yes, it is!

No worries about Sadie wanting to come for a visit with her cousin Sophia. A Sadie adores Sophia and the feeling is very much returned. You can barelly tell the 2 1/2 age difference between the two, besides the physical appearances! I didn't think anyone of us would have a relationship with their Sophia during her first year of life. "Fia" would only go to mom and give everyone else dirty looks! I must say, I had my doubts! But she came around and Sadie and Sophia fell in love with one another. I love to watch them together. They're both very artsy-crafty and love to play pre-tend, dress-up or any other hands-on activity. They get so excited to see one another. Both are drama queens! I'm very confident this felling will never end!

One of my favorite joys of Mary Kate's family is her husband Richard. Our family wouldn't be the same without him. We have such a wonderful, unique relationship that I can't express in words. I smile everytime I think about Richard! I love how he gets so excited about us coming for a visit. Richard will call me a couple of times (as I'm driving the 200 miles to their house) just to let me know he's excited to have us come. He'll call Mary Kate during the day and ask her if she has cleaned the house and have groceries for when we get there. How sweet! Richard will take off work just to go with us shopping or to go with us to Callaway Gardens. He'll stay up really late to watch movies with us when he should be in bed. But most of all, I love how he loves my sister and his beautiful family.

Mary Kate, this one's for you! I love you with every fiber of my being! You're the best sister in the world! TJ
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Mary Kate said...

sniff, sniff! thanks so much TJ! I sure love you too! I thank heavenly Father so often for my sister!! There is nothing like that relationship! makes me sad that Sophia won't have a sister but she does have Sadie!

I look forward to our trip to Red Rooster!! Even if I don't scrapbook! Love you tons!

and even though we did fight a lot growing up we always had each other's back didn't we!?!! I sure appreciated that from you! I knew if anyone was messing with me all i needed to do was tell you and you would put them in their place. i still remember when Jamie King was bothering me and the next day he said to me "why did you go tell your sister I was bothering you?" Ha! the funny thing was I wasn't telling you I was telling mama and you overheard! I was grateful to stuck up for me...even if you couldn't stand me;)

Boston Family said...

So sweet and great scrapbook page!

Granny's Blog said...

It must be really grand to have a sister! That was a great tribute to Mary Kate. Love, Mom

Granny's Blog said...

Wow! Sadie's scrapbook page was awesome. I see what you mean when you said she likes to do projects. She's good like here Momma!

Chris said...

Wow Trudy, what an amazing post your wrote about Mary Kate. Of course I agree with all the good stuff you said about her :) She is a great friend to alot of people too.
There's nothing like the loving relationship of sisters-I'm sure glad I have 3 sisters! My sister Lori calls me nearly every day as she drives to school in California. I love those few minutes we get to share in each others lives. I would LOVE to be close enough to my sisters to be able to drive for a weekend visit, or just stop by!!!!!!!

I wanted to look at Sadie's page, but it wouldn't enlarge when I clicked on it. Yours was great!

Sophia said...

I love U

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