Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Net Fishing at Flood Lane





We first discovered Flood Lane creek about 10 years ago. We heard it was a great place to go mudding in George's Samarui. We'd go mudding every weekend. Mudding has long been replaced with net fishing. Our family loves to wade in the creek and try to scoop fish up in our nets. No telling how many times we have been to this creek. Since our plans fell through going yesterday, we piled in the Samarui and headed to Flood Lane. ( On the way, we stopped by Scott's Orchard and picked up some apple cider and carmael apples. Yummy!) George doesn't bother parking on the road and walking to the creek. He drives his little 4x4 down the bank and straight in the middle of the creek! Since I had the camera, I stayed at ground zero while George and the kids began to net. I love to watch how "into" they get! As you can see in the pictures, we take net fishing very serious! George and Sadie took off on one side of the creek and Forrest the other. Shortly after, Forrest is screaming, "I caught a bass! I caught a bass!" He runs to show me and then takes off running after Goerge and Sadie to show them his catch. I was able to snap a shot of Forrest running and all I could say in my mind was "Run Forrest Run!" We didn't catch much today, but we were able to net a few more family memories together at Flood Lane.
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Granny's Blog said...

What wonderful memories you are making with your kids! Most kids love nature and going to the creek is exciting and cheap. Could these fish be put in George's pond?

Kim said...

What a fun family activity! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Kate said...

Brought back memories when we did that at one of our "cousin's reunions"!

And brought back memories of us playing in the creek when we were kids!

Thanks for the memories! Your family is priceless!

Chris said...

A neat post about the "every day" things you enjoy doing together (well you'd love it to be every day, eh?) Those times are the funnest memories.

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