Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November Preparedness Goal Accomplished!


In the month of November, I set some preparedness goals for our family on the side of my blog. My biggest goal for the month was to dry pack all the bulk items I have bought and have been taking up space in the kitchen and livingroom. We borrowed the dry-pack canner from the church and tackled the task at hand. During the month, we dry-packed over 120 cans. It's so easy to use the dry-pack canner that Sadie did it all by herself. It was a great experience for our family.
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Boston Family said...

you are an inspiration. great job.

Boston Family said...

Sure I would be happy to help you with Photoshop. Do you have elements? Which version? I can show you some great actions for free and real cheap as well. Just email me or call me when ever you want to come. I'm home most days!

Granny's Blog said...

Good job! I made 3 bookmarks tonight and used your bird stamps. Did you know that you put some of the stamps on upside down?! I know they can be turned around but I don't want to do it for fear that I would mess the stamps up for good!

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