Thursday, December 18, 2008

On a Spiritual High

I have to share my love for our youth at church and the amazing time we had last night:

If you do not already know, I'm the Young Women's president and George is the Young Men's president at church. (We were both called to these positions within the last 5 months ) Every other month, on the third Wednesday of the month, we alternate a combined activity with all of the youth. This month was the YW's turn to host the activity and we chose to go Christmas caroling and have hot chocalate. I know some of the boys weren't too happy about going caroling, but George and I were so proud of the boys who did come to "endure" the caroling. Little did they know that it was too rainy and too wet to carol, so we went with plan B. We did sing a couple of Christmas carols to set the mood for the 5 minute Nativity video. After the video, we all made gingerbread houses made with graham crackers and then had some delicious hot chocalate with a "triple the serving" of marshmellows! The youth had a fantastic time! We as leaders had a fantastic time! I feel that we all bonded together in the Spirit of Christmas and increased our friendship and love for one another. We came home on a spiritual "high". We love our youth so much and are very thankful that we have the opportunity to serve them, teach them, love them and to be an example to them.


Mary Kate said...

I remember feeling that way when i worked with the youth...I still do most mornings! ha! So glad you are enjoying this calling so much!!

Good job on your home storage!

Granny's Blog said...

Don't you just like it when plans come together like that!

Char said...

What a wonderful feeling! I am so happy you are enjoying your roles at church. I am sure you are teaching them well and they will always appreciate you for it.
I am feeling your high all the way up here!

Mary said...

I love those kind of activities! It makes all the time spent on this calling worth it. We still need to get together. Maybe during the break.

Stacey said...

How wonderful!! I bet you guys are great leaders in your church!

Thanks for sharing your ideas on Feeling Scrappy!!

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