Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Midnight Run for Edward

At 12:o1am this morning, the movie Twilight was released and at 12:10am, Sadie and I decided to make a run into town to Walmart to buy our copy. I asked the cashier if she had sold many and she replied, "Oh yes!". That was what Sadie and I were thinking as we walking out of Walmart with Edward and Bella in our hands. By the time we drove home and put the movie on, it was 1:15am. Forrest couldn't hang as he fell asleep an hour into the movie, but Sadie and I were troopers! After the movie was over, we watched both special feature disks We finally went to bed at 5:ooam. It was so worth it! We have plans to watch it again this evening, but I promise you, I'll be in bed by 10:00pm. I need to be awake in church!
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TheVillamorFamily said...

I just watched it tonight with some friends! just as good as the first and second time at the theaters!!!! were troopers to stay up until 5am! The friend who got my copy went last night at midnight too. She said they had a countdown to midnight and when it got there all the girls screamed! One of the ladies tonight had a T-shirt on also! I almost bought the buttons!!!

Kim Mayfield said...

How funny! We still don't have it, but we will soon. I thought about getting it for Megan for her birthday, but I don't want it to just be "her" movie, so I guess that won't happen!

Granny's Blog said...

I'm glad you girls enjoyed this movie so much. It looked to frightening for me!

Amy said...

Hey, I enjoyed catching up on what you guys have been doing. I'm heading out today to hopefully get
"Twilight" I hope they still have some. Spring break sounded like a blast. The kids will remember all those memories your making with them. Great job on the consequece box. Hmmmm, I might have to try with Noah.
Love ya,

Brandie Lyon said...

I had first planned on doing that, but got too lazy. Plus, Jason and I wanted the 2 disc, and he had a gift card for Best Buy, so we got it later on in the day.

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