Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sleep or Scrap?

Sleep or scrap? I shouldn't even have to ask the question! I have absolutely no problem burning the midnight oil if I'm scrappin'. That's exactly what I did last night and I hope to get more pages done today, that is, after my nap!
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Amy said...

When creativity it flowing you just have to go with it and stay up all night! It was worth it. Your pages are so cute!

Jayne said...

Great pages! Love the title on the first one!! Glad to see your pages :)

Chris said...

Good idea to scrapbook the every day moments!! Cute pages, Trudy. :)
Haven't heard from you in quite a while...now I see what you've been busy doing.

Mary Kate said...

look at George's nose on Forrest!! he is so handsome in that pic!!

I can TOTALLY see how YOU are CREATING your own designs!!! You are very talented!!

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