Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Out With the Old

I took mom to her knee replacement surgery yesterday. As you can see, she's been in pain for a very long time. Her knee is was so disfiguring that it made my stomach upset. Mom was very brave, as she was past ready to have this surgery. I was very concerned with how I would react seeing her in pain, but thanks goodness for nerve blocks! When she came out of surgery, she was all smiles! She felt absolutely no pain! She couldn't even feel her leg! They will have her up doing physical therapy this morning. I still can't believe that a total knee replacement surgery only takes one hour to perform! I waited five hours in the waiting room but I didn't mind. I rearranged the chairs and slid a table in the corner and spread out my scrappin' supplies and made 8 cards! I'm so thankful for modern medical technology. I'm thankful we live in free country where we have the freedom of choosing our doctors and treatment and I pray to God that it will stay this way!
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Mary Kate said...

glad you got a record of that knocked knee!!!

Chris said...

So glad your Mom's surgery went well. Now she can run the 10K with Mary Kate. ;)

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