Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Several months ago, Sadie fell in love with Mustangs and points out every Mustang car she sees. At first, it was very annoying as I wasn't use to the clapping and excitement of joy every 15 seconds in a closed environment of our car. SInce then, we have made a game of counting every Mustang we see. I didn't realize these are extremely popular cars and we see tons everyday! So, it wasn't a surprise when Sadie got all giggly on me when she saw this brand new Mustang out in front of Sams. THe other pictures of the cars are from car show at the mall a couple of weeks ago. She was so excited to see all the Mustangs that she started crying! When she gained her composure, she said, "They're so beautiful!" and started snapping pictures from insde of the car of the Mustangs. She's too funny!

PS-I want to congratulate Sadie on making the top band for next year's school year! She made the Wind Ansemble 1 band, the highest in middle school. Go Sadie!

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Granny's Blog said...

Ata girl,Sadie making the #1 band. You will really enjoy it. I loved the band and your mom did too, so did Frankie and Mary Kate. Your music will always be with you through out all of your life.

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