Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Attack of the Wiper Blades

"Would you like to go for a ride?" Forrest asked the Boys (Benny & Carhartt) yesterday as he went outside to sit in his Camaro. Knowing the Boys would follow him, Forrest already knew their answer before asking the question. Btw, I love how Forrest talks to the pups. It's like a mom talking to her sweet baby using her "baby" talk voice. Anyway, I peeked out the window and I knew I needed to capture this moment. We found out a couple of years ago that Carhartt doesn't like the windshield wipers turned on. He goes balistic and pierces our ears with his ferocious barking! He will try to get up on the dashboard to attack the wipers. So, it's not unusual for Forrest or Sadie to "tease" Carhartt every now and then by turning on the wipers. (The teasing only last a minute or two because the eardrum can only take so much!) As you can see in the pictures, Carhartt is very serious about taking out the wipers. Forrest turned the wiper on and then off. When the wipers were turned off, Carhartt waited in anticipation for them to come on and was ready to pounce them! Forrest wanted to see what Carhartt would do if he put him out of the car. Carhartt didn't like it and went to begging to get back inside. Benny on the other hand, is cool with just hanging out. We so much enjoy our pups and every aspect of their personalities. They are truly an important part of our family!


Granny's Blog said...

Good pictures and post. I enjoyed reading it. Belle had been gone 3 years now. I can still cry if I think about her too long. She was really special to me. It breaks our hearts when they go, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Robin Gibson said...

GO Carhartt, GO! That is TOO CUTE!!! LOVE catching our pups doing fabulous/cute/funny/silly things too!

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