Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm still Cool!

Sadie has just completed her first year of playing the flute in the middle school band. She really has a talent in the music department and has been first chair for the majority of the school year. She plans on being in the band for the rest of her schooling and hopefully earn a scholarship to college. So to support Sadie in her carreer in band, I was voted in to be the secretary/treasurer for the band next year. Am I a sucker or what? I am just thrilled to be able to spend the time with Sadie and am very thankful she still thinks I'm cool and wants me to be around! I wonder how long that will last? How long will I still be "cool"? Forrest doesn't think I'm cool anymore so I'm going to milk this with Sadie for as long as I can!
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Jessica said...

She will have so much fun if she keeps on playing during high school. Marching season is great. I think no matter what school you attend, you can always have a fun time in band. Tell her to keep on goin! And I was first chair too at MMS, it's so much fun!

Granny's Blog said...

Tell Sadie that her Granny was 1st chair clarinet in the band. It's something to live up too!

Mary Kate said...

Way to go Sadie! I can't wait to watch her march during halftime! Maybe we can pick up trash after ballgames to pay for Band camp!! ha...ahhhh the memories!

Robin Gibson said...

WTG Sadie! Trudy, you must be so proud! I would milk it too! I played flute in Jr High and was first chair too! PLUS, she's a LOVELY girl!! Hope she has lots of fun!!

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