Wednesday, May 27, 2009

One Down, Three to Go

These pictures were taken to celebrate the ending of Forrest and Gentry's first year of early morning seminary. Every day for the entire school year, these boys got up and attended an early morning bible study of the New Testament for 50 minutes. Gentry was lucky enough that seminary was held at his home, but unfortunatley, Forrest wasn't tht lucky. He had to get up at 4:45am to get ready and we drove the 20 minutes one way to be at class by 6:15am. This program is designed for the youth to help strengthen them against the challenges they face everyday. Forrest didn't want to miss a day of seminary. even when he was home sick! Not once did Forrest ever complain he didn't want to go. He knew what was expected of him and come to find out, he really did enjoy it! Plus, it was really fun to stop at our country gas station for a sausage bisquit and a Sundrop! I am really proud of Forrest and Gentry to enduring to the end. What a great feeling of accomplishment they felt when it was over! Great job boys! One year down, three to go!


Jayne said...

Always great to know they have a good friend they can count on and you can like! :)

Chris said...

4:45 is pretty early. I don't like getting up when the number starts with 4! Way to go Forrest. Ryan is lucky enough to only have about an 8 minute drive to Seminary every morning.

Granny's Blog said...

What good pictures of the boys. Be sure to get some of Forrest and Ryan and Sadie too. Has she found a friend? Hope so.

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