Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Successfull Activity

The Young Women decorated cakes as a Personal Progress activity a few weeks ago and they really enjoyed themselves. Tina Wimberly was our instructor (a professional cake decorator) and guided the girls through this expeience. Each girl brought their own pre-baked cakes and I brought the ingredients for the frosting minus the milk. I totally forgot to buy milk, so the frosting was really thick and didn't want to cooperate, but with a little patience, the frosting managed to spread over the cake. One of my girls lost her patience and used her hand to spread the frosting on her cake! Whatever works, right? After much labor,
the girls were successful in decorating their cakes and after an hour of clean up, the leaders were successful in cleaning up all the mess! lol
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Granny's Blog said...

What a wonderful activity! I know all the girls had a great time. I learned how to decorate cakes in Relief Society. Later, I gave my cake decorating stuff to Mary Kate, who wanted it at the time. It's a nice skill to have.

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