Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Concert

Sadie's band spring concert was Thursday night and what a night it was! She plays in the Sym 1 band (top band) and they nailed every piece they played. There were a couple of songs where I had chills because they were playing so well! I'm so proud Sadie. She has worked really hard this year in her music and it has paid off for her. I have really enjoyed getting to know her circle of friends along with all of the band students while I was up at the school couple of days a week this year doing treasurer work. Even though the treasurer job was time consuming, the time I was able to spend with Sadie and the band kids was worth it.
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Granny's Blog said...

I'm glad the concert was a success! The band is large. Larger than I expected. I didn't start band until the 7th grade. I played two years in Jr. High and four years in High School and one year at UNA. Then it was all piano and organ. Didn't do too well in the organ department. Good enough to play for church and I enjoyed that.

Villamor family said...

i am so proud of her! i sure hope one of mine wants to be in the band!

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