Thursday, May 8, 2008

Convienent Store Betrayal

About a week and a half ago, our little country store ran out of the tasty breakfast bisquits they have been selling for over three years that we have been customers. I just assumed they were out and needed to make a Sam's run for more supplies. The next day, they had a different bisquit in place of the regular ones and I thought it was just a temporary substitute until they could get to Sam's. After three days, I dedcided to be nosy and ask if they needed me to make the Sam's run for them and they politely informed me that they would no longer be cooking their bisquits, but will replace them with Bisquit Express bisquits. I guess it was a good deal for the store not having to mess with making Sam's runs and paying an employee to cook the bisquits and they get an easy kickback, but did they think about me, the customer, when they were making this transaction? No! I do not like the Bisquit Express bisquits. They are so nasty and do not go good with my beloved Sundrop! I have given this store my busisness for three years. I have scrapbooked my experiences with this store. I have blogged about this dear conutry store. The only reason why I am not in tears is because I recently asked where they bought their supplies. When George informed the store clerk (whom we have befriended) that I would be upset about the bisquits, she replied, "Watch Trudy be the only one who doesn't like the new bisquits!" She was right. I don't like them. I feel betrayed.

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TheVillamorFamily said...

Here is a tissue TJ. LOL!

Sorry they changed the biscuits on you....I didn't think they even had to cook the biscuits from Sam;s. The ones you bought looked like they were already cooked....if that is the case then what is their problem.

HEY....I know what you could do when you retire from teaching???? Are you thinking what I am thinking??? Trudy-the biscuit maker!! Or maybe the dipdog will be hiring!

The clerk was will be the only one who notices!! You are the only one who knows when meat has been frozen and then cooked too:)

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