Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Toast to Myself


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Happy Belated Mother's Day to me and you.
Here's to all the mothers out there who's sons do not smile in a picture you acutally do not look that bad in. Here's to all the mothers out there who have to buy their own gift. Here's to all the mothers out there who go unappreciated on the one day that is designated just for us. (If you received showers of gifts and appreciation, you will need to stop reading here and exit the blog now. lol) I am just now coming out of my pitty party for myself. I have never complained about not getting a gift for Mother's Day, although Sadie reminded me that is was Christmas I do not get a gift...that should send a red flag alert to my husband, right? NOT! I will not go into detail, because my family has one last chance to redeem themselves. We are going to my mom's on the 25th to celebrate Mother's Day and if they do not come through, I'm going to give you the dirt on this weekend. As I said, I'm coming out of my pitty party and a big help with this is my new Cricut Expressions came yesterday. YEAH! I ordered it last Tuesday. My friend Rachel emailed me this really great deal on a cricut bundle that included four cartridges (instead of one) and ink for an amazing price. I couldn't pass this deal up. I called George and he said to go ahead and order it so I would stop hounding him I needed one. I have no idea how to work it, but I'm sure I'm going to have the time when school is out! So, here's a toast to myself and to my new Cricut....

ps-if you want to read a fantastic tribute to Mothers, click on my friend's Ashley and Jude's blog. Have tissue in hand before you read!


Mary Kate said...

Here's to you! I think you have always been bummed that you got nothing for Mother's Day. george will figure it out once Fo is on his mission:) hardy har har!

Sorry TJ. Glad you got your cricut though and that you have a picture of yourself that you like. Fo needs a haircut!

Granny's Blog said...

Ha-ha! "Fo needs a hair cut". I was wondering if his friends hair was that long, but I guess it is! I'm glad you got your circut and know it won't be long until you know all about how it works.

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