Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy 15th Anniversary


Today is our 15th year anniversary. Usually it is me making a deal out of our anniversary, but the first thing George said to me this morning was "Happy Anniversary Trudy. I love you". My heart melted. He just made up for all the other years he didn't do anything for me! When he came home from work, I was resting (I had our Field day at school and was wiped out!)and he and Sadie went out in the backyard to pick me some flowers. He told Sadie to put them in a pretty vase for me. When I was through resting, to my suprise there was a vase of flowers for me! Here is my husband of 15 years, who has given me flowers maybe 3-4 times ( because he was "suppose to" on Valentines Day when the prices are doubled!)was thinking about me, without having to drop any hints. It was from the heart and meant so much to me .

Fifteen years ago, George and I headed up to Fayetteville, TN to get married. Yes, we eloped. We had broken up the month before and had just gotten back together. He was giving me the run around so on a Tuesday I drove to his work and informed him he needed to set a wedding date or we go our seperate ways. He either loves me or he doesn't after 1 1/2 years of dating, right? He looked at his touring schedule and picked the month of August. His reason for choosing August was because he would be through touring the summer months with Diamond Rio (a country band). August was too far away for me. I looked at his touring schedule and saw he had the weekend off and gave him the ultimatum: "Either marry me Saturday or it's over". He just stared at the ground. I think I shocked him. After getting over the shock of what he had just heard, his reply was "OK". If any of you know George, this was so out of his comfort zone. He is not a spontaneous person. He doesn't go after life, he lets life come to him. To my suprise, Goerge had a suprise for me. He moved the wedding up a day. We were married Friday. I was 21 and George was 29. One year to the day, and seven months pregnant, we were sealed for time and all eternity in the Atlanta, GA Temple.

Now I am 36 and Goerge is 44. We have both grown so much in these past 15 years. I have everything I have ever dreamed of with George. He asks me on occassion if I would do it all over again and my answer is yes everytime. George is my best friend, my soulmate and my eternal companion. This is just the first 15 years towards eternity but who's counting?
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Granny's Blog said...

Such sweet comments and such beautiful flowers! Those are better than the ones from the florist and are prettier too. I'm glad you had a nice anniversary. Love, Mom

TheVillamorFamily said... special:)

That was a wonderful post. I thought about you yesterday but didn't make it to the computer to send you a note.

Seeing you guys so happy makes me happy:)

I can't believe it has been 15 years! Richard and I will be married 13 this summer! Wow....we are getting older but I wouldn't go back for anything!

Dawn, said...

Are those Dahlias? I love flowers straight out of the garden best too. Doesn't it just mean the WORLD when our fellas are so thoughtful?! Hope your anniversary was wonderful!

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