Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Reasons to Celebrate



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We had two events we celebrated this weekend. The first one being we picked up our new table and chairs on Friday. George and Forrest put them together and it looks really nice in our kitchen. We decided last week we really needed a new table so George and I went on a long-overdue date and found the table last weekend. I fell in love with the granite lazy susan in the middle of the table and George really loved the height of the table. It's called a "gathering table". It's not as high as a bar, but higher than the average table. The picture shows the table extended on each side to make a round table to fit eight chairs when we have guests. With just us, we have the sides folded under to make a smaller square table. We are so in love this table and look forward to many family and friend gatherings. So, Friday night we celebrated our first new table/chairs in 15 years of marriage.

The second celebration was one Sadie wanted to celebrate. Saturday was National Zuchinni Day (did I even spell it right?) and Sadie made sure this vegetable was in the grocery cart before we checked out at Walmart. As soon as we came in from being out all day shopping with Granny, she's cutting the zuchinni and making a complete mess. I do have to admit, it tasted pretty good considering it was sorda crisp from being a tad bit charred....

Besides our two celebrations, it was the normal weekend for the Walkers. I have 13 1/2 days left of employment, Forrest and Sadie have 11 days of school till summer time and George has...well, in his words, "I'll never retire" days left till he comes home. Happy Monday to you all!


Mary Kate said...

Love the table and the picture of Forrest helping George!

So sorry I forgot about National Zuchini day!! Oh well...glad someone remembered!:)

can't wait to eat around that beautiful table!

Granny's Blog said...

Have the furniture store people been out to check out the wobbly chairs? The table is a cause to celebrate!

Mary said...

I love your table. Mickey and I have 3 more years until our 15th anniversary... I hope we will have a new table by then too. :) Definately a cause to celebrate!

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