Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fabulous Fall Break!




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Fall break was absoluely fabulous! The first part of the week we spent a couple of days with Granny and Grampie in Athens. We went thrift shopping and just had the best time hanging out. It was so wonderful! Forrest and Sadie love spening time with them. They really enjoy watching Grampie interact with their birds. Mom and I watched "Meet Joe Black". I love that movie! If death looked as good as Brad Pitt, I wouldn't be so afraid of it! Mom was so funny as we bagan watching the movie. She had recently told me that she had seen "Legally Blonde 1 & 2". I asked her where she saw the movies, (since she and Dad only watch FOX & BYU) and she said, "I found a really good movie station." When I asked her what it was, she replied, "Oxygen!" I thought it was so hilarious! It's not a new movie station, but it was new to her! (I love you mom!)

After spending a couple of days with mom and dad, we headed to Lagrange, Georgia to visit my sister and her family. We arrived Thursday and Mary Kate quickly put us all to work: ceramic tiling her sunroom! I've heard about sweat labor, but never thought I would be involved personally! Forrest and Sadie were very excited to play with their cousins Nate and Sophia and their new wiener puppy, Stella.

Friday, we went to the West's house for a cookout. They are an awesome family who is in MK's branch and has a son, Ryan, who is Forrest's age. The past year and a half, the two have really grown to be good friends. Their daughter Natalie, husband Jack and two-month old son Jackson were visiting from Utah. Jackson was too cute!

We took Ryan home with us for the next couple of days. He and Forrest were the "hard-laborers" for the weekend as they patiently and willingly answered our calls to move the entertainment center, bookshelves and packages of ceramic tiles
for us while playing video games. We were able to lay the entire floor by Saturday evening. Sadie was a great help too. She loved sreading the concrete and even layed a tile or two!

Afer the tile was finished, everyone went outside to ride bikes. Ryan entertained us with his unicycle. Forrest gave it a try and was able to stay on it a few seconds.

We were sad for Sunday afernoon to come. The vacation was over. Even though we were put to work (lol), we had a fabulous time! We made the four hour drive back to Alabama where George, Carhartt and Benny were waiting for us.


Mary Kate said...

yes it was a lot of fun! couldn't have enjoyed my own fall break as much without you all! thanks again for your help! and I will come help you when you do yours!

Granny's Blog said...

I'm glad you had such a great vacation! We surely enjoyed having you over. I think that's a good idea about spending vacations over here! Love you more than Carhartt. Mom.

Kim said...

I'm glad you had a fun fall break! I'm sorry I didn't get your phone call... we were in Florida, and I was avoiding my phone! I'll get your stuff to you soon!!

TheVillamorFamily said...

i just tagged you

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