Monday, June 22, 2009

And It Came to Pass...

Happy Father's Day Dad! You're the best dad ever.
I love you! (And you too, Mom!)

Forrest gave me a big hug when I picked
him up from Boy Scout Camp. He earned several merit badges
and is close to begin working on his Eagle.

Forrest wasn't thinking of the consequences of
eating the first piece of Sadie's birthday cake
without asking. He made her another cake
to make restitution! Sadie forgave him.

I absolutely love Willowtree, so I thought Sadie's 12th birthday
was the perfect time to give her her first Willowtree.
I picked out the "Spirit of Giving" because Sadie has so
much to give to others!

Sadie has been waiting to turn 12 so that she could
"graduate" from primary to Young Women at church.
She was very excited when we came to kidnap her
for good!

Up the road from our house is a new subdivision
that has only two houses and a one mile loop that
I allow Sadie to drive around. She is actually
pretty good! I can see her being a soccer
mom in her future!

Sadie and I thought it would be fun to look up our marriage
license while we were in the Fayetterville, TN courhouse.
It's been 16 years and the memories were there as if it were yesterday!

The past couple of weeks have come and gone so fast that I was thinking only a week had past from coming home from my sister's but in reality, it has been two weeks! "Business" has really crept in along with a calendar of events and that has left me no time to be on the computer. Entertaining the kids is an art and is neccesary so that boredom doesn't set in!
The pictures above are just a couple of things that have filled the days in the past couple of weeks. The kids and I went and stayed a couple of days with Mom and Dad this past weekend. I cooked dad a Father's Day dinner and spent some time him and mom. Sadie is officially 12 and with that she is officially a teenager! She is really loving being in Young Women at church and not in Primary with the little kids. Forrest is working on merit badges to get done with Scouting. THis weekend, he and Dad will go on a camp out and he'll finish a couple of merit badges and will only lack two from being able to start on his Eagle. Last week, George was able to build shelves for my scrapbooking closet and I was able to slap a coat of paint and I am so ready to make some time for myself!
THe next several weeks will be filled with the following: next week, Sadie and I will be going to Girls Camp for the week, the next weekend will be Youth Conference at Troy State, the weekend after that, we'll head back to my sister's and when we come back from Georgia, I'll drive Forrest to Especially For Youth in Bowling Green, KY. When he comes back, we'll have a week before school starts back to shop for school cothes and supplies. And in between all of the above, I'm going to be scrapbooking!


Granny's Blog said...

It seems like you have all of July planned out. Way to go. As a child, we didn't go back to school until the first of Sept. I'm excited for Sadie getting to go to Girl's camp, she will love it! And Forrest will love Youth Conference and EFY or what ever it is. Next, or soon afterwards, will come The Operation!

Kim Mayfield said...

Glad Sadie enjoyed being "kidnapped"! My girls enjoyed being a part of it!

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