Monday, June 29, 2009

Off to Camp!

Tomorrow Sadie and I will head out to our Young Women Girl's Camp for the week. Our church bought the land and built this camp especially for the girls between the ages of 12-18yrs old and this year is Sadie's first year to attend. She is so excited and has been packed for a couple of days now. I wished I could say the same as this year procrastination and family affairs have taken my time when I should have been packing. I went out today and bought all the food and supplies and have the majority of my things packed. This is my fifth year going as Camp Director and my second year going as both Camp Director and Young Women's president. I'm very thankful it will be 10 degrees cooler than last week. I'll take 90 degrees over a 100 anyday! Off we go!

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Granny's Blog said...

What fun you will have! The first day for me was getting used to having no air conditioning, then I was used to the sweat and the temperature didn't get to me too much. Forrest has been royally soiled! I've run out of money so I don't know what we will do after today.

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