Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Good Ole Country Breakfast!

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We have a great country store where we buy our gas and our morning breakfast several times a week, which is a sausage bisquit and a Sundrop. The cost is $2.11 They are awesome and worth every cent! I love to take a bite of the bisquit and chase it down with Sundrop. Yummy! We have been buying them for almost three years. I finally asked them the question, "Who is your supplier?" And the answer was SAM'S!
I went to Sam's and bought the same bisquits for $3.88 and the same pre-cooked sausage for $4.50, each having 24 in the pack, and of course a case of Sundrop. We are going to save so much money buying from Sam's. Is this going to break the habbit of buying breakfast at the store? probably not. Our family has a history of going to the convienent store when we are hungry, right Mary Kate? lol


Granny's Blog said...

Those biscuits looked so good. I'm glad you got them. Figure out how much money you'll be saving by making them yourself. Thanks for getting me the two books of papers. I love them! I've already made one card from one of the papers. My card stach of cards is building up again. Next Tues., I'm going over to my Stampin' Up demonstrator's house to do some stamping. I'll learn some new stuff then.

Rachel said...

That's great! I love the story about eating at the country store, lol.

TheVillamorFamily said...

That is sooo funny and suprising that they came from Sam's! I just imagined a store like that had some grandma getting up at 5am to make the biscuits!!! Too funny!

Yes you will still eat meals at the "gas station"...I wish the blogs had sound so we could hear "gas station" like Sadie would say it!

thevillamorfamily said...

Call me Trudy....its about the scout camp with Ryan!

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