Monday, April 21, 2008

A Visit with Granny



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We spent the night with Granny & Grampie Friday night. After we got there, Sadie's allowance was burning a hole in her pocket, so Granny took her to Walmart. She didn't mind Granny spoiling her! The reason for our trip was for me to teach Granny how to post a picture on her blog. I'm very proud of her for blogging everyday and now it's time for her to have an "ncrease in knowledge". After an hour and a half trying to put Picasa on her Apple computer, I gave up and taught her how to post pictures the long way by (I think Picasa is so much easier than from your blog). Granny was able to post a couple of pictures from my instructions, so my mission was accomplished! While we were working on the computer, Forrest and Sadie were downstairs playing. When it was time to go, Sadie was hanging upside down on Grampie's exercise equipment and Forrest was hiding in the bed, hoping I wouldn't find him.

We went to the morning session of Conference on Sunday. We arrived around 9:30 in hopes to get cusioned seating, but had no luck. I think some people must campout in the parking lot to get the good seats or they have no children to get ready! We were able to get good seating in the gym, but it was still noisy. It was nice to see old friends. Besides the talks, that's a highlight of Conference for me!


Granny's Blog said...

Good post! Of course, I would think it is! I found a pizza in the downstairs freezer. It was a cheapie and wouldn't have been good even if I had remembered it. Tell the kids I'll have better food the nixt time ya'll come over. I forget kids need to eat all the time. It was good to see you at conference. I saw the back of George's head and saw Sadie laying her head on your shoulder. I was looking your way all the time!

Granny's Blog said...

In the big picture on the front of your blog, it looks like Carhartt is the only one with his eyes on the road while everyone else is looking out the window!

TheVillamorFamily said...

Too funny about Forrest's expression in the top picture. Too bad we don't have all the pictures from us running out the door to a ballgame and daddy saying "let's get a picture" or better yet...."let's check the oil!" was that a control issue I wonder?? ha!

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