Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Weekend Update

Saturday I meet mom at Hobby Lobby to shop for scrapbooking and card making supplies. Mom has been making tons of cards for months now. I introduced her to all the goodies at Hobby Lobby a short while ago and now everytime she comes to Huntsville, she makes a stop at the "candy shop". By the time I got there, she already had lots of goodies in her basket. I really didn't buy much, just a Boy Scout album for 50% off for Forrest. Afterwards, we made a Sam's run. We started off with one of those long-don't want to turn-no basket-no sides- carts but wound up getting a cart too. We went up and down just about every aisle in Sam's. I love to buy in bulk. Poor mom. After an hour she was pooped! Not me, shopping for food is my passion! I realized that we pick up the food we buy at any grocery store six times! 1-pick it off the shelf and put into our basket,2-pick it up out of the basket for checkout, 3-put it back into our buggy and bring it into the car, 4-put it into the car, 5-bring it into the house from the car, 6-put it in the pantry. Have you ever noticed how tired you are after a trip to the grocery store? Saturday, I had to do all of these steps twice (once at Sam's and again at Walmart) and bring them inside the house because no one was home when I arrived at 5:10pm. On top of unloading a car full of groceries, I discovered I had left a couple of bags at Walmart! I called a friend and we rode back into town.

Sadie wanted to have "the girls" over Saturday night (Aryn and Natalie Ricks) and I told her if she did her chores and cleaned her room she coul have them over. I didn't meet up with Sadie till around 8pm at a dinner appointment and she reminded me that she did her part and now it was my turn to see if they could spend the night. At 8:30 I'm asking Rachel if she could get her daughters ready to spend the night with us and attend church too. Luckily, the girls were able to come over on such short notice. As soon as they got to the house, Sadie said, "Do you want to see my clean room?" and the girls said yes. When they came into Sadie's room theywere wowing and said "We have never seen your room this clean!" Sadie was very proud of herself. THey wasnted to watch a Disney movie so I told them at 12am to turn the movie off and go to bed. At 2am I am awaken by giggling and laughing. The girls are still up! I can just see the girls not being able o come back over because I allow them to stay up way past bedtime! When we were getting ready for church the next morning, I went into the kids bathrooma nd you should have seen the countertop. There was hair from a Barbie doll in the sink, rollers everywhere and finger nail polish and remover along with two manicure and pedicure pieces strolled all over the contertop! I'm so glad they have such fun together. Just not in the wee hours of the morning! Church went well. We came home and ate and the girls played outside. At two I took the girls home and we all took naps. Sadie took a six hour nap. Rachel later told me that her Aryn and Natalie both took naps as soon as they walked in the front door.

Besides grocery shopping and have the girls over and church, the weekend was normal. We are well rested and ready for this week of work and school! Only 37 days left!)


Granny's Blog said...

I'm so glad the week-end was good! It's good that Sadie has church members to be such good friends with.

Rachel said...

I love that are girls are such good friends!

Beth said...

Aw, I remember having those fun sleepovers when I was little and we'd stay up all hours! Naps are so good.

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