Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kids Helping Dad




Posted by PicasaYesterday after school, George had Forrest pull out some posts with the Samauri. Not wanting to be left out, Sadie, Carhartt and Benny jumped in with Forrest. It was a sight to see so I took pictures. I can't let this scrapbook moment pass me by! After the posts were removed, George let Forrest take a few laps around the yard. He's really good at driving a stick. George taught him years ago.

Forrest had something to smile about. He got his braces off yesterday morning. YEAH! No more payments, no more headgear and no more rubberbands. We're not out of the woods yet, as he will get his retainer next week. He smiled all day yesterday. After he drove the Samauri, Forrest reminded me that I had told him months ago that when he got his braces off he could try the teeth whitening strips. Both he and Sadie tried them and you know what? They worked! They both had beautiful pearly white teeth!


Mary Kate said...

Such big kids! Now are you going to post a pic of Fo in his new pearly whites??!!

Oh....and tell us how Benny is working out??

Granny's Blog said...

The pictures of the kids and the pups is priceless! I want to come over and see everyone and what George has done to the yard. Is the fish pool up again? Tell George I love him.

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